Say Hello To Your Bindaas 40s!

Your 40s are all about embracing change! Women in their 40s are now open to travelling alone, having fun, and letting their children be. 

Your 40s are all about embracing change!

I am in my mid-40s, never shied away from ageing or accepting my age. I am from the generation that we were young in the decade of the 90s and 2000s. Our times were a lot different, especially for girls growing up in small towns.

When I compare a girl in her teens, 20s and 30s today with when I was their age, there’s a lot of difference, in terms of confidence level, clarity, focus, and independence.  In hindsight, I believe we were simpler; we still are.  Most of us were raised as “good and obedient” girls, taught to please people, and prioritize others before ourselves.

When I meet my school and college friends, colleagues, moms of my kids’ friends, or many women of my age, I see a totally different them. They are nothing like what they were when we were in school, college or in our younger days.

Despite the personal struggles, we are bindaas

Many of them have had a very tough life, disturbed marriage, and skewed equations with their siblings or parents, yet one thing that I see common in all of us is how liberated and bindaas we have become.  Most of us don’t bother about what the world thinks of us now; we spent our youth doing that.

We are almost done with raising our children, we have learnt that it’s okay if everyone is not happy with us, and it’s okay if relatives are not happy with us.

Most women in their 40s are now open to travelling alone, having fun, and letting their children be.  It’s also a bitter fact that this is one of the loneliest phases of women where kids are grown up and on their own, husbands are super busy, some bond with their colleagues, and some don’t.

We are learning new things every day!

Also, in this phase women are battling with their perimenopausal and hormonal issues, which takes a toll on their bodies and mind.  Yes, people suggest learning new things or keeping themselves busy, but hormones do play havoc.

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Despite all the challenges that these women have faced or are facing, I see them smiling, confident, and enthusiastic about unlearning and learning many things.

So, the 40s is another phase of life for women where they learn to look at life from another perspective.  Cheers to our tribe!

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