Cut Her, Kill Her, Urinate On Her, Slap Her, Rape Her…She Is A Woman!

The recent incidents of men in flights urinating on women passengers with impunity (yes, there's one more reported) brings to mind the entitlement of men.

Trigger Warning: This deals with violence against women in graphic words and may be triggering to survivors.

Lately, we all have come across the horrific incidents of painful deaths of Shraddha Walkar, Anjali Singh, a woman being stabbed by a jilted lover, incidents of drunk and entitled men urinating on women mid air, a boyfriend ruthlessly beating his girlfriend, etc.

Why is it the woman who always has to be the victim?  As once my daughter said, what’s the use of mental strength when physical strength dominates?

These are still grave issues.  But as we daily read, we come across women who are victims of domestic violence.  The so-called cultured and educated husband abusing his wife just because he thinks its his right to dominate or because he is physically stronger.  Office tension, family tension, take out the anger on the wife and then say sorry as if nothing happened!

The worst part is the violence against the women never stops as women are asked to keep quiet, are victim-shamed, are slut-shamed, are coaxed to protect the family honor of in-laws, husband and parents!  She endures day in and day out and is applauded for her “mental strength”.

When will women be stopped being treated so awfully, inside the homes and in the outside world??  Beat her, cut her, humiliate her, gaslight her, rape her, molest her, urinate on her, emotionally abuse her, yet somewhere the woman is blamed somehow, even after her death!  Shraddha Walkar was accused of going against her parents, Anjali Singh’s friend accused her of being drunk..unbelievable!  Of course, who can forget Nirbhaya..

Some incidents come under public eye, many don’t.  When will the plight end?  No idea…

Image source: pixabay

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