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I am a travel expert by profession and an avid blogger by passion. Parenting and women's issues are something that are close to my heart and I blog a lot about them.

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The Lonely 40s In A Woman’s Life…

This is the time when a woman needs a lot of emotional support, but mostly it's believed that she is fine.

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Say Hello To Your Bindaas 40s!
Say Hello To Your Bindaas 40s!

Your 40s are all about embracing change! Women in their 40s are now open to travelling alone, having fun, and letting their children be. 

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Cut Her, Kill Her, Urinate On Her, Slap Her, Rape Her…She Is A Woman!

The recent incidents of men in flights urinating on women passengers with impunity (yes, there's one more reported) brings to mind the entitlement of men.

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SRK, Salman Can Still Act As Studs, While Their Heroines Kajol, Madhuri Are ‘Boring’ Moms?

The ageism in Bollywood is glaring with male actors still doing 'stud' roles opposite women half their age, while their earlier heroines are now 'boring' old women?

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‘Good Girls Shouldn’t Live-In’ — Union Minister. But Violence In Marriage Is Ok?

Women are being shamed for choosing 'non-sanskaari' ways of life after the Shraddha Walkar murder, but what about all the violence, dowry deaths, and more, among married women?

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Be Like Virat Kohli, Not Like The Trolls Calling Him ‘Joru Ka Ghulam’ For Appreciating Anushka!

Support from a wife is highly under-appreciated and underrated, and given our patriarchal setup husband appreciating the wife is a matter of ridicule or criticism.

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The Lonely, Unappreciated Single Mother, Further Belittled By Society…

Soon she came to know that her ex-husband had already started living in with another girl. He had moved on without any sense of responsibility towards his children.

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An Unhappy Home Is A Child’s Worst Nightmare…

I started developing hatred towards men as I saw my father behaving like an MCP with my mom, or the way my paternal and maternal grandfathers would keep my grandmothers subjugated.

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Can You Guess Which Parent It Was? Mom Or Dad?

If you really take the trouble to understand any kind of work at home, men can do it as well as women. It's 'our' work. Not 'her' work.

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women should rest
I Need To Rest Without Feeling Guilty About It!

We are not "wasting" time if we are relaxing and watching a show, going to the parlour, meeting friends or simply catching up on sleep!

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Maa, Do You Care Only Now When The Bruises He Gives Me Can Be Seen?

Who gives them right to disregard and disrespect women who wanted nothing but a happy blissful life with their partner? They don't hit their parents, friends, outsiders; why the wife?

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Like Madhavan, Would We Be Ok With An Older, Grey Haired Female Protagonist?

Most 45 or 50 plus male stars are still found desirable, said to be ageing like fine wine, and paired with female stars half or more than half their age. 

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Parents Please Note: Kids Not Taught Empathy & Compassion Are Tomorrow’s Bullies And Abusers

Everything else can be learnt over a period of time but these values need to be inculcated right from a very young age

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She Is Unwell But Everyone Is Only Worried About What Her Family Will Eat!

Women are expected to be nurturing, and their role as caregivers is taken for granted, by everyone. What happens when the caregiver falls ill?

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Dear Grumpy Old Rude Indian Men, Treating Your Equally Ageing Wives Badly Is Not Ok!

Haven't we seen our fathers, fathers-in-law, uncles, neighbours etc. treat their ageing wives badly? They yell and humiliate them in front of their children and others, and have no remorse whatsoever.

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Assault Is Legally Wrong, But Why Is It Not Wrong When A Parent Hits A Child?

Why is violence inside the home, be it by parents, spouse, in-laws, siblings or an insider in our society so acceptable?

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Often The Most Gentlemanly Of Men In Society Could Be Abusive Husbands…

There are many, many girls like Seema who are stuck in loveless, abusive marriages; the abuse can be verbal, emotional, physical, financial.

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I Have 2 Families Yet I Am All Alone… Please Save Me While I Am Still Alive!

I remember the first time he slapped me. I was stunned, shattered. I wanted to call you both up and cry and tell that I didn't want to live with this man. But then my conditioning stopped me.

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My Feminist, ‘Equal Partner’ Husband Is Also My Daughter’s Daddy Cool!

He shows his affection openly; a casual bear hug is not often seen between fathers and older daughters in India as they're conditioned to keep a distance.

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woman abused
Yes, I Was Molested and No, I Will Not Back Down From My Fight For Justice

When a woman gets molested, why is it always her fault for getting molested, never the perpetrator's for committing the crime?  

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5 Ways You Can Prepare Her For Periods And Make Sure She’s Comfortable

It was #WorldMenstrualHygieneDay on Friday, 28th May. A day to step up the awareness about periods and everything related to it. 

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Sindhoor Khela
I May Have No Children, But I Am Always Auspicious

What do you do when the world shuns you, calls you 'inauspicious'? Do you slink away, or do you stand up for yourself and reshape your destiny? 

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Dad carrying son on his shoulders
It’s Time We Stop Celebrating Men Doing The Most Basic Work For Their Families!

Normalise a man doing his duties as a dad/husband. Or at the very least, go nuts over a woman mothering her own child! Only fair, isn't it? 

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What Could I Do… She Provoked Me So I Hit Her!

All these years they had kept quiet despite knowing that their son-in-law failed to keep their daughter happy, but out of societal fear they could never confront him.

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What Has Her ‘Family’ Done To The Happy, Ambitious, Carefree Girl I Knew?

It's easy to say from a place of privilege that women should be strong and not tolerate abuse, but for the first time I witnessed why many women can't get out of such a hell.

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5 Things Parents Of Daughters MUST Speak Up About, Never Mind Log Kya Kahenge

Here is a list of things parents of daughters need to speak up about, but they keep mum and let the daughters suffer. Don't.

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Talk Openly About Periods With Everyone In The Family And Watch It Make A HUGE Change!

Period taboos need to be demolished, and we should talk about it openly with even the men in the family - here's why.

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criminal justice 2
Criminal Justice Unmasks The Benevolent, Nice Man Who ‘Loves’ His Wife In Public

Society is full of 'nice' men who seem to be loving, supportive husbands in the public eye. But only the couple knows what's behind the doors.

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We’re Indian; Fighting In Front Of Our Kids Is Ok But Hugging Is Not In Our Culture

We pass on this message over generations that it's okay to display anger but not love. It's okay to hit not hug. It's okay to yell but not apologize.

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Why Are Most Indian Parents Reluctant To Confront An Abusive Son In Law And His Parents?

Most Indian parents don't raise their voice, or don't teach their daughters to raise a voice against abuse. That's where the men and their parents get the guts to run amok.

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soft spoken men
Do Men Have To Be Controlling To Be Considered Men? My Husband Proves Otherwise

Disagreement and annoyance is a part of life. But instead of yelling, accusing, abusing, simple calm communication can also sort issues.

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Stop Expecting Women To Be The ‘Glue’ Holding Families Together!

Why are women expected to act as the mediators holding families together? Aren't other members responsible for maintaining relationships too?

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How Fair Is This Statement? “I’m Lucky I Have Only Daughters And No Son!”

Misogynist men don't appear out of nowhere - boys can grow up to be good people who support feminism if the parents take responsibility to raise their son right.

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Why Do We Still Hear People Say, ‘Doosri Bhi Beti!’ Like It’s A Problem?

Even today, when I see people feeling bad for parents with two daughters, I am left angry. We still can't accept girl children can we?

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Badly Behaved Boys Grow Up To Be Violent Men, So Let’s Raise Them To Be Better

Parents can do their bit towards a society more respectful of women by joining hands to raise their sons well instead of just lamenting and restricting their daughters.

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Why Do You Also Need To Work When Your Husband Earns So Well?

A woman's first priority is still believed to be taking care of her husband and his family. Her own dreams and career ambitions don't matter.

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grateful daughters
Raising Girls To Be ‘Grateful’ For What Should Be Their Right Creates Women Who Tolerate Abuse

Our girls are raised to feel 'grateful', growing up into women conditioned to feel guilty about prioritizing themselves before their parents, spouse or children.

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Middle Class Indian Parents, Save For Your Daughter’s Higher Education, Not For Her Wedding!

A grand wedding to please society, and tons of jewellery to please the in-laws should not be the parameters to decide a daughter's happiness. Their education should be.

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From The ‘Raja Beta’ Syndrome To Torturous MILs, Here’s How Women Promote Patriarchy

The shackles of patriarchy still need to be broken. But it isn't an easy task when women are conditioned by it too. Often their toxic behaviour nurtures it!

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Dear Women, Stop Trying To Be A Superwoman, You Need Help Too!

Women are constantly expected to be superwomen when it comes to managing the family, their careers and the kitchen. I think it's time we stopped that!

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Too Early? No, I’ve Never Regretted That I Had A Baby Immediately After Getting Married!

Women always have to justify their choices. I wonder why? We should strive towards living a guilt-free life with no regrets.

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Don’t Call Your Husband An Abuser! He Doesn’t Beat You At Least…

She knew she had nowhere to go. Her parents would never believe that Nitesh had this facet. He was very well-behaved in front of them.

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She Is A Taken-For-Granted Indian Housewife!

"Neerja, its good to take care of your family, but don't try to become so sacrificing and devoted that you forget your own existence. No point in trying to make everyone else happy but yourself."

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No, I Am NOT An ‘Apshagun’ Because I Am Childless. Why Not Blame Your Son Too?

"You are annoyed with me only because I can't give you a grandchild? Why just me? Can you say the same thing to your son?" Priya asked.

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daughters are caring
Do You Think Only Daughters Are Caring? Here’s My Son’s Story

We have always heard how daughters are caring and how sons are incapable of handling themselves or others. This will change your mind.

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be the change maa
Be The Change Maa! [#Shortlisted]

They forget that if you want a change then be the change. Be the change Maa. Don't worry about me. I am extremely proud to be your daughter.

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What Drives Some Young People Passionately Towards Gender Justice? Let’s Find Out!

Many young people today are more aware of gender inequality in India, and burning with the passion to act for gender justice.

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When Power And Gender Work Against Girls. How Can We Solve This Problem?

For many girls, sexual harassment is a very real threat due to caste and gender acting against them. Here’s what young people had to say.

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dual life
A Bahu Going Out With Sari Over Jeans, Changing Once Outside. Who Is Responsible For This Dual Life?

Girls want to have the freedom to have fun just as much as boys. Patriarchal restrictions of morality just push them into leading a dual life.

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being a couple
You Are So Lucky… Your Husband Doesn’t Shout At You!

Are husbands little kids that they are 'expected' to throw temper tantrums in a marriage? Why isn't a husband expected to be adult enough to own his part in being a couple?

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You Can’t Break Me: A True Story Of How I Dealt With Psoriatic Arthritis

When everything was hunky-dory, this author got handed a diagnosis of incurable psoriatic arthritis. How did she deal with it?

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boys and girls
“Thank God! I Don’t Have A Son!” Why Must Any Parent Say This?

If we have to eliminate gender differences, we need to begin early, with our children, and raise our boys and girls without differentiating between them.

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if pillows could answer
Wish Pillows Could Answer… [#ShortStory]

Nisha didn’t expect this reaction from her mother. She looked at her father for support. He looked at her mother and said, “Girls shouldn’t be given so much of freedom."

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good husbands
The Dearth Of Good Husbands In Indian Society Has Much To Do With How We Raise Our Sons

Why are good husbands who consider their wife an equal in all aspects so rare? It has much to do with how they are brought up, in my opinion!

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women's sexuality
OMG, Women’s Sexuality? Is There Such A Thing In India? Chhee, Chhee!

Women's sexuality is a completely taboo topic in our country - how dare they have desires and enjoy sex? Then they must be #AskingForIt!

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