Malaika Arora Told By Troll To ‘Dress Decently As She Is Aged’ Who Decided This For Women?

Malaika Arora was told by a commenter on her sm account that she should 'dress decently as she was aged'. Huh?!

Malaika Arora was told by a commenter on her sm account that she should ‘dress decently as she was aged’. Huh?!

“She has to dress decently as she has aged.”

The sheer stereotyping of how a woman should be in this sentence always irks me. How many of you agree with this statement?

Yesterday, while I was browsing I came across a weird comment made by someone who named themselves Anonymous on actor Malaika Arora’s post. It said: “This lady should dress decently as she is aged.”

A man or a woman who makes this derogatory comment is not even true to their identity, hides behind anonymity; how can they comment on someone else’s choices? Playing games behind the curtain is a cowardly act.

As woman certainly carries the risk of being tagged at all age groups, in a patriarchal society that identifies her with her body.

When she is a teenager and most vulnerable to sexual abuse, molestation and harassment, she is advised to dress modestly by parents.

Women in their 30s or 40 s are ‘admired’ for their looks and winning attitudes, but with a souring tag of ‘ageing yet beautiful’.

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And older women are outright told to ‘dress according to their age’.

It should not matter how old Malaika Arora is. Her attitude and the way she deals with what life dishes up is a powerful statement. And no one has the right to judge.

It’s time to teach your boys some decency.

It’s my personal opinion that every human being must follow the liberation of dressing barring gender bias with decency as inclusivity.

Image source: Instagram

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