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March 22, 2020 : A Historical Day. #Fight Covid19

Posted: March 27, 2020

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Divided we stand and united we make.
Yet another history created to show the
Phenomenal act of gratitude .

It was a divine feeling to watch all the constructive figures as homes and residents as families. No festival was so much fun and connecting. Clapping of hands was an echo of togetherness.

First time in history it was a procession yet mass was not there, cheering humanity and caring for the fellow person was all part of it.

The forced stay at home has made the changes of the era. Metamorphic changes are gradual investments in the future. Though the phase is temporary, it has had its positive impact on society, individual and humanity at large.

Women are happy to find their spouse and children helping in household chores. You can call it as a result of boredom or abundance of time. Children playing their favourite music, instrument and seeing life the other way. Renewing their relationships with the family members.
Working women have made most of stay at home by being available to their family and toddlers.

We are so engrossed with our mechanical life that we hardly find time for our families. Now the hard-hit time has made us slaves leaving us with a question of how to spend time at home? This is a retro feeling. Think of the old age people’s dwellings, their engagement with the family, chore activities and no media exposure. Life revolved around loved ones and earning was a support. But now the family is a support and earnings are prime.

This retro feeling might be a warning to be a human all over again. Stay home, save lives.

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