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She Walks, She Talks Like Never Before

Posted: December 3, 2019

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“She had the galaxy in her eyes,
A universe in her mind”

She becomes a great warrior after her divorce. She is an empowered woman after going through the struggles of life. Have you ever thought why do we, women need a spark to ignite the blaze we already possess?

“I think she is caught between who she is and who she wants to be “

We always wait for the dawn and the dusk never ends. Maybe your goals are not your priority as you are merged into the life of loved ones. But leaving behind your dreams is not a wise decision. Go ahead with your dreams. Find time to pamper yourself. Your dreams are to be chased not to be left behind. We give our 100 % in whatever we do. That’s feminism. That’s why all the resources of nature have been compared to the feminine gender. The unending desire to serve humanity, the endeavouring capacity and the vastness of existence all that contributes to the feminism. Yet the inner instinct of woman is unheard. She devoids herself from her destiny to fulfil the life of loved ones. She cocoons her babies from the worldly wrath. Time flies and the twirling of wind decodes the nature of human beings to shutter her soul and leave her stained.
She deludes herself to be happy amidst the hustle and bustle of life. Why wait for the storm?

Design the life you deserve. No one is accountable for your dreams. For dreams are self-driven. Follow your instincts. Your happiness is contagious.
Keep it intact. Use all your guile and guts to free yourself from the muddle of life to live for yourself. You are not required to be put into the fire to shine like gold. You are gold. Let’s wake up and be vigilant.

Cheers to woman power.

Image via Pixabay

I write for the lilt of love and life.

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