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Naya Ghar, Naya Gadi Aur Nayi Bi…. Badhiya Hai!

Posted: October 22, 2019

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Naya ghar, naya gadi aur nayi bi….
Aurat ka dimag ghutane ke niche …
Do bacche aur bus eek biwi, haha.

Ridiculously pronounced by the male-dominated society.

When these words are uttered by a male its a sign of masculinity and when enacted by a woman its named as uncultured.

Is novelty assigned only to the male gender? Even the advertisements are endorsed and promoted with such male voices. How far these notations go up to squeeze the will power a woman ?

Still, the woman in rural areas are underestimated and looked down upon verbally, physically and socially. Their self estimate is weighed to male pride. I have often come across the sarcastic jokes cracked on feminism and enjoyed by most of the society. I seldom hear of male-targeted jokes and throw of sarcasm.

Though most of the women are humiliated, they seldom express it. Be permissible but not at the cost of your self-esteem. When you are hammered with the words of betrayal, your ego is hurt and you will be cultured with such behaviour. Protesting could be an act of self-defence and it should be practised by each individual.

A month ago I visited my native place. I saw a group of people maliciously enjoying jokes on their wives with all pride and prejudice. My interference was quite obvious and their reply was unjustifiable. One of them told me that his wife loves to hear such cranky jokes and she feels proud of him because it adds to his masculinity or male ego.

My word of wisdom to address such indigestive remarks is to raise your voice whenever the situation demands. Daughters are to be uplifted with their self-esteem and self respect. When they observe their father respecting their mother it could be a great example of moral learnings.

Woman power is levitating around, just feel the vibes.

Image is a still from the movie Article 15

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