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Work From Home Seems Daunting? Trisheetaa Tej With Pencil9 Is Here To Help You!

Posted: February 25, 2020

Working from home is no longer a hassle. Entrepreneur Trisheetaa Tej with her venture Pencil9 believes you can do whatever you want right from home!

She describes her work as:

Gone are the days when married women were confined to home and the kitchen. Millennial women are smart, intelligent and confident to break the social stigma and stereotypic behavior of the society. With the Pencil9 initiatives, women are now able to build their identities, and become financially independent. They need not walk out of the house or sacrifice any bit of their life towards just one responsibility or demand of the family.

A Pencil9 woman works as a content writer, digital marketer, expert in social media, travel, tutoring, SEO, or SEM. Working from home, these women can earn right from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 50000 a month!

Where to find them:

You can find them online on their website here

Instagram: Dr. Trisheeta Tej or Pencil9

Her story:

Trisheetaa believes that no woman should be deprived of work or from becoming financially independent. Her mantra is ‘if there is a problem, there is a solution!’ And with that mantra, she aims to help every woman who approaches her.

She founded Pencil9 in 2014, as an initiative that creates work from home opportunities in the digital world for women in India and across the globe. With only two women in India in 2014, today, the Pencil9 family has over 3700 women globally. Also, more than 1000 women were trained in their area of interest to start small businesses

Why she thinks you’ll love her work:

Quality of work, flexibility, convenience. The women who work for Pencil9 are financially independent and can work without disturbing the other facets of their life. They can spend time with their family but also have an identity of their own!

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