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Satisfy All Your Chocolate Craving With Organic Handcrafted Chocolates At Sanjana Patel’s La Folie!

If you like chocolates and are looking for the perfect organic fix, Sanjana Patel's La Folie in Mumbai is the thing for you!

If you like chocolates and are looking for the perfect organic fix, Sanjana Patel’s La Folie in Mumbai is the thing for you!

She describes her work as:

La Folie has embarked on a journey to create chocolate from its origin – the bean. This heralds the bestselling chocolatier’s evolution into an expert bean-to-bar chocolate maker.

La Folie’s bean-to-bar process is tailor-made to coax flavours from the finest, single-origin cacao ethically sourced from around the world. Cradled with care, the organic beans are handcrafted into small batch chocolate at La Folie’s micro-factory in Mumbai.

Paired with natural ingredients sourced locally, each exceptionally delicious creation pays homage to the cacao’s origin and its unique character.

Where to find them?

On their website here

Her story:

I must have been about four or five years old. My dad often travelled for business to Europe and he would bring back a variety of dark chocolate from Belgium and France.

Due to cavities and allergies, I was denied chocolate as a child, but just like a young Willy Wonka, my cravings for chocolate were unending. And I’d find myself sneaking up to the fridge in the middle of the night to admire fresh chocolate truffles. They really swept me off my feet. That’s when I fell in love with chocolate.

Why she thinks you’ll love her work:

We strive to make ‘Real Chocolate’ using all natural ingredients and organic cacao to retain the uniqueness and purity of taste that each single origin cacao provides. For our inclusion bars we pair and combine other natural ingredients such as organic cane sugar, black jaggery, natural freeze dried fruits, nuts and other herbs and spices sourced locally.

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