So What If They Didn’t Get The Guy? Here’s What The ‘Leftover’ Women Of Bollywood Are Doing

Have any of you ever imagined what happened to Nisha after Rahul left her for Puja? Well, I did. And here's what the 'leftover' women of Bollywood are upto!

Have any of you ever imagined what happened to Nisha after Rahul left her for Puja? Well, I did. And here’s what the ‘leftover’ women of Bollywood are upto!

Yes, Simran got her Raj. Puja got her Rahul. Anjali got her Rahul (in K3G). Meghna got her Amarkant. Pooja gets her Raj. Anjali also gets her Sanju. And Gehna also gets her Shakti.

Now all my die-hard Bollywood lovers will definitely know what I am talking about. The famous couples of Bollywood. But what most of us forget is that for Simran to get Raj, she left a chaunistic fellow who went by the name of Kuldeep and whom she was betrothed to since they were children. Raj too, had promised marriage to Preeti and had to leave her heartbroken.

Between Puja and Rahul’s romance, they forgot the very nice but slightly obnoxious Nisha who loved Rahul despite his nonsense and annoying comments.

Anjali may have gotten Rahul, at the end of both movies, but in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, their love made him leave another Naina, this time in the form of Rani Mukherjee.

Yes, they had a great love story but they also broke hearts and made people cry left, right and centre.

The ‘leftover’ women

However, our “leftover” women in the forms of Nainas and Preetis and Tina’s are just an integral a part of the stories as the Raj’s, the Anjali’s and the Pooja’s.

You know why? Had these women not been there, the people in love wouldn’t have realised their “true love.” Having said that, I know for a fact that these “left over women” are definitely doing really well for themselves.

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They’re all doing exceptionally well since they rid themselves of the problematic men in their lives. I mean, come on, we all know what an ass Raj was. And what a chauvinist two faced asshole Rahul was. Who in their right mind, “falls in love” with their own best friend (only and only) after she transforms and becomes the conventional definition of pretty?

But, you guys, this isn’t a rant about what an ass most of Karan Johar’s men were. What I am here for, actually is to tell you that these women who were ditched by the men, they seemed to love and now are doing amazingly well for themselves?

Don’t believe me? Here, hear it in their own words!

Nisha is living it up in London

Dil Toh Pagal Hai

The year was 1997, when my “best friend” and who I thought was the love of my life, Rahul left me to go be with Puja. Puja, whom he, incidentally, had met mere months ago. But we all know that love is blind but did you also know it was a little dumb too? We-ell, it is.

However, it was their dumbness that helped me rise to fame. Yes, Rahul broke my heart. And yes, I ran away to London to deal with my heartbreak. But you know what? In London, I was discovered by the London Dance Company as I was dancing at a studio and they were so mesmerised by my dancing capabilities that they actually asked me to be a part of their troupe!

So my dear lovely ladies, if the guy leaves you, rest assured, something great and better will happen!

What IS Puja doing right now? I am pretty sure she is still getting yelled at by the man-child that Rahul is. And what am I doing? I am one of the lead dancers of the London Dance Company, unmarried and happily enjoying my life, I am!

Preeti’s got that degree and that bod!

Dilwale Dulhaniyya Le Jayenge

So Raj and Simran ran away. In a train. In front of everyone. I was heartbroken. And I did the stupidest thing ever! But you know what? It only helped me! I decided to get a revenge body!

I know, I know it is a supremely toxic concept! But it was 1995 and toxicity wasn’t as popular then, rather we didn’t know of it as well as you guys do.

However, there was another thing that I did- I became a divorce lawyer. Because who better than a single, heart-broken woman to fight cases for women who KNOW they deserve better?

So now, other than, rocking my amazing bod, I also help women from all strata of society fight for their rights after they have fought for what they believed was love. I help them fight their chauvinistic men and then I help them rebuild their lives.

What about Raj and Simran, you ask?

Raj is still unemployed while Simran teaches sanskaari things to the Indian women in the UK. She’s made quite a name for herself despite Raj not liking it. He, obviously, wants her around him all the time- cooking for him, cleaning up after him. I am surprised she still has’t left him. But will she? I mean, she is one of those who wouldn’t leave her husband. Sigh. If only I could’ve helped her.

However, within the first few years of them running away, I realised I was better off without Raj. I had my law and my health, what else do I need? That spoilt man child. No, thank you!

Tina is at her dramatic best and how!

Mujhse Dosti Karoge!

So I was in love with Raj, no not the DDLJ one (ugh. He’s old!) My Raj, the one I called Mr. America despite knowing that he was from the UK.

I was trying to be cute. Come on! I was always told that men like dumb girls. So I pretended to be as dumb as I could be and look where that took me! I got left at the altar with Uday Chopra! Uday. Chopra.

But I turned my life around! You all know that I had a flair for drama. So I thought why not make use of that and do something for myself! I moved to Pune and joined FTII.

And I studied like no man’s business and joined one of the most prestigious theatre groups in Maharashtra! I even won a number of awards for the same.

Take that, Pooja! You may have been my best friend but you also stole the love of my life and left me behind with Uday Chopra. Uday. Chopra.

What’s more was that I also joined a gym and started working out to channel my anger and somehow that helped me build my beautiful body. I now have a booty that Kimmy K will be jealous of.

Take that, you guys! You may have moved to London but have you had Gulzaar appreciate your performance? Nuh-uh. Didn’t think so!

Naina hadpo-ed the store and made it better!

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

Rahul and Anjali have been an iconic couple forever but he has also been a problematic asshole forever, too! I don’t know what I saw in him. He couldn’t even dance well, Yash uncle was a waaaayyy better dancer than Rahul! (Do you guys not remember Shava shava!)

Ugh. I was in love with him and it was good riddance when he ran away with Anjali. But there is another problem there, he left his parents heartbroken and they wanted me to marry someone else simply so that the mandap won’t go to waste. Like!

But that is okay, because I got my revenge and I managed to snatch away Anjali’s shop (much like she feared) and turn it into a super successful chain of sweets shop in the city. That woman better be thanking me! I didn’t get the man but I got the business. I am a super successful entrepreneur now.

So, my dear ladies, you KNOW you don’t need the man to be super successful, do you?

Go ahead, do your own thing and own it!

Do let me know in the comments if I missed any of your favourite ladies!

Ps. I did think of adding a list of the ‘leftover men’ of Bollywood but as it is, they get so much sympathy, I thought, better not!

Picture credits: Screenshot from Dil Toh Pagal Hai

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