Blue Hair, Don’t Care – Things I Was Asked When My Hair Was Blue

As someone who had blue hair for most of last year, I was asked the most absurd questions about the same. Here are a bunch of the more common ones!

As someone who had blue hair for most of last year, I was asked the most absurd questions about the same. Here are a bunch of the more common ones!

Imagine this: a girl is walking towards you, she has blue hair and a couple tattoos, she’s wearing ripped jeans and is walking with confidence. What’s your first thought? She must be a bitch, eh?

I know, I know. You might also think she is awfully cool or that she is an easy lay. Oh! What did I say?

Well, say hello to that girl. Say hello to me!

Till a few months ago, half my hair was blue, the bottom half that is. Now, I obviously got compliments for it, but with compliments also came a fair share of utterly ridiculous and weird questions and statements.

Since my hair is basically black, I had to bleach it before colouring it a nice bright blue. Now bleaching obviously did its own kind of damage to it, but it was definitely worth it. However, more than the bleaching, it was the comments that did more damage.

From being asked if I were an easy lay, to being called a bitch, here is everything I heard while my hair was blue.

Are you out of your mind!

This rarely was a question and mostly just a statement on how I did so much damage to my ‘beautiful, thick curly hair!’ I’d coloured my hair on my own accord and my parents were also on board with it. They in fact even had almost an entire joke book of jokes on it. Trust me, they had their fun.

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What happens if you get bored?

I mean, it wasn’t like I’d coloured my hand that I couldn’t cut it off. It was hair and despite popular belief, I did get it cut every few months! So if I did get bored of my BRIGHT BLUE hair, I could’ve just gone and got it cut.

Or there was another option of colouring it a completely different colour. I could go with that too. And as a matter of fact, I did! I rocked purple hair too, at one point of time.

Is this attention seeking behaviour?

Umm… No?! I coloured my hair simply because I wanted to. And not because I wanted attention. Plus, when I did colour it the first time, I was in the UK where a number of other people had coloured hair too! So no, it was not for anyone’s attention. It was for me and only me.

Wouldn’t it damage your hair?

Well, given the fact that it is bleached, yes. The ends are basically dead. And isn’t hair merely dead cells? Like can you kill what already is dead?
However, yes, it did damage my hair and yes, my hair felt rougher than usual. But, it was worth it to see my hair blue and black instead of just black. I loved it!

You must be an easy lay, eh?

A girl who does something a little different MUST be an easy lay, no? She colours her hair, so she is devoid of her beliefs. Bright blue hair means nothing but a girl sleeping around. Slut shaming was at max!
I did give a piece of my mind to a number of people but after a point, I just settled for ignoring them. Them and their opinions didn’t matter.

Hey bitch! You think too much of yourself, don’t you?

Ahh well, I mean. What do I say to that? Initially, it bothered me, but later, I learnt to just ignore it and not pay any attention to people telling me I was a bitch. There are times when I knew it but why give them the pleasure of knowing that they were right?

Are you a mermaid?

See, there weren’t only the bad things, I have had so many children ask me if I were a mermaid, I started believing in it myself.

My favourite on was when a tiny British boy approached me shyly and asked me, with such awe and wonder, “Excuse me, miss, are you a mermaid princess?”
Another time, a little girl at a supermarket called me “Mermaid akka” and that just about made my day!

But here is what I did learn with my blue hair: your hair does not define you; it is an entity of its own. Colour it, chop it off, whatever you do, just own it and you’d be the best version of yourself.

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