Stay In Kitchen, Have Long Hair: MP Governor Anandiben’s Recipe For Sanskaari Girls

Madya Pradesh Governor Anandiben Patel during her recent visit advised young hostel girls in Rajgarh to not leave the kitchen, learn to prepare tasty daal and please mother-in-law. 

Madhya Pradesh Governor Anandiben Patel during her recent visit advised young hostel-dwelling girls in Rajgarh to not leave the kitchen, learn to prepare tasty daal and please their mothers-in-law. 

I hadn’t come across any good joke for a really long time. With so many issues being discussed in the world and judgements being passed, even WhatsApp forwards these days have become all serious. Like a lost soul in a desert looking for an oasis, I was yearning for some humour in life.

You will be surprised to know who finally helped me in brightening up my day with some hearty laughs. It was none but the Madhya Pradesh Governor Anandiben Patel. Of course, I am no Prime Minister of this country or some political party president to have a one-to-one talk with the Governor. Thank god for that! But it was her recent video of the interaction with girls at the Kasturba Girls Hostel in Rajgarh that blew my mind.   

The former Chief Minister of Gujarat, Anandiben of late makes news with one or the other controversy. But this time it’s her highly ‘valuable’ advice that is making the rounds on media platforms. If you don’t know about it yet then please learn and keep it in your minds forever. It was not just for those hostel girls but for all of us. We want to be good bahus’ and please our mother-in-laws’ right? Yes indeed! As enlightened by Anandiben that’s our i.e. women’s ultimate purpose in life.  

Being a teacher-turned-politician, one would expect her to speak to young girls about dreaming big, achieving academic success, getting good jobs and becoming independent. Instead, all that Anandiben asked them was to not leave the kitchen no matter how well they did, to learn to make tasty Daal and thus seal a good bond with their mothers-in-law. Kindly note these down people before you all forget these special words spoken by a women leader. 

That is just a part of it, hold on to your seats, there is more coming up. Anandiben also had some precious beauty tips to share – “girls shouldn’t cut their hair but instead have long hair, as long hair is the matter of pride for girls.” With such notions still proudly being shared with girls, beauty products and other related companies can sigh in relief.

Anandiben hasn’t noticed perhaps that the world is changing and that indeed, it has to change for the better. Not all girls can just remain in the kitchen. Also, every girl can’t have long hair – to maintain them shampoos, conditioners, and serums are very expensive these days. Hope Anandiben and many others like her soon understand our plight and stop making us laugh unnecessarily with such ridiculous speeches. 

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