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An Inspiration To Many, Why Kamala Harris Should Be Important To The Modern Indian Woman

Why should Democratic Party's Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris' story be so important to the modern Indian women?

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Kamal Nath Calling Imarti Devi An ‘Item,’ Highlights Once Again The Sexist Nature Of Politics

In light of a senior Congress leader calling his former female colleague an 'item,' here are 3 other sexist remarks made by politicians about women. 

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‘If You Can’t See Us, How Will You See Our Issues?’ Asks Short Film Shakti – Half Is Ours

With their new short film, titled 'Shakti- Half Is Ours,' Political Shakti is striving to get 50% women representation in political spaces.

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Ruth Bader Ginsberg Left Behind A Legacy That Will Empower Women For A Very Long Time
Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a role model who taught young women that it’s okay to speak out. That being powerful isn’t bad, that you can still be feminine without giving up your personality. Rest in peace.

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‘My Mother Is My Inspiration,’ Says Kamala Harris, American VP Candidate

Joe Biden's chosen Vice-Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris is a strong woman whose mother inspired her to fight for her rights and for what is right. 

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Is There Gender Bias In The Jobs That Female Politicians Get To Do? Take A Closer Look

Female politicians are rarely given Cabinet/Minister roles, and if they make it, they usually get only welfare portfolios. Let's look at what the data says.

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