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Chaitanya Srishti

A Feminist interested in Politics, Economy, Law, National Security, International Relations, Environment.

Voice of Chaitanya Srishti

‘Told You, Don’t Leave Home After It Gets Dark…’

A hard-hitting poem about women's freedom & sexual assault...

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Climate Change And Its Impact On Women And Little Girls

Environmentalist and writer Vandana Shiva said in an interview that the more the lands get drier and the water recedes from our lakes and rivers, the more girls will have to walk farther to fetch water.

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harmless rape joke
The ‘Harmless Rape Joke’ Is There To Remind Women Of Their Place In The Power Equation

The recent 'harmless rape joke' by a politician left me triggered but not shocked. What's also a joke is the ill-representation of women in places of power!

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How To Deal With Wedding Season Anxiety As A Single Woman In India!

With wedding season there comes the societal pressures to get married. As single women, we often feel anxious about it. Here are some tips on how to tackle wedding season with optimism!

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Even Though I Am A Feminist, I Am Not Insulted When A Woman Tells Me She Is Not A Feminist

Because many women have fought for this 'privilege' before her, she has a legal right to express her opinions.

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Why Do Women Delay Quitting Relationships That Don’t Work Anymore?

It doesn't have to be abuse. Two completely happy and compatible individuals can over time become incompatible and total strangers. It's common. It's natural. And it happens. But we hesitate to take that step.

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gender gap in vaccination
Why Are Fewer Women Being Vaccinated For COVID, And What Can We Do About It?

There's a worrying gender gap in vaccination according to recently released data. Why fewer are women getting the vaccine is something to be explored.

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An Inspiration To Many, Why Kamala Harris Should Be Important To The Modern Indian Woman

Why should Democratic Party's Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris' story be so important to the modern Indian women?

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mental health awareness
We Need To Talk About When The Pressure Is Too Much And Nobody Knows

Mental health awareness and dialogues are so important. In every part of the world. In every industry. In every sector. At every age. In all sections.

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Be THAT Woman – The One Who Loves, Inspires And Respects Other Women!

You can't call yourself a feminist unless you find yourself inclusive of trans women and all other women in your feminism. Ask yourself what kind of woman you are.

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21 Signs That You Have It In You To Survive The Tough World

The world may not be the easiest place to navigate on right now. It is a very difficult place to survive in. But you if you follow these 21 signs, you will definitely survive!

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Why I Don’t Trust The Narrative Of The Accused Rapists In The Recent Unnao Case

After the shocking Hyderabad rape case, the Unnao case has jolted the nation. The question remains - in which corner of the country are our girls safe?

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She Dared To Go Out… So Will Our Daughters And Our Daughters’ Daughters; Just Like Our Sons

Disturbed by the recent brutal rape and murder of a young doctor in Hyderabad, the author wonders about how things came to this point, and what could possibly be done about it.

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‘Right Age’ For Doing What Society Wants You To Do Is A Myth, AND A Trap

Let's not fall into the 'right age' trap because it forces us to make decisions which we might not be physically, emotionally, mentally ready to make.

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