Can’t Women In Office Like The Finland PM, Have A Private Life? ‘Sanna Marin, Please Party Harder!’ ~ An Indian Woman

Sanna Marin, a 36 year old woman, enjoys herself in "a private party with friends, on a Sunday when nothing official was scheduled", and is trolled only because she's Finland PM?

A 36 year old woman parties and her video goes viral for all the wrong reasons. Because she is not any 36 year old. She is the world’s youngest PM.

No, I am not even going to get into what tests she is taking currently to prove that she is not on drugs.

All I am going to talk about is the ‘obsession’ media has with this woman.

Ever since Sanna Marin has been in the office, there has been tremendous amount of media attention around her. Add to that the attention she gets for her appearance. She is obviously a bright young achiever who is blessed with great looking genes.

Marin became Finland’s PM in 2019 at the age of 34. Even by Nordic standards, Marin felt her age and gender received too much emphasis. To a Vogue interview in 2020 she said, “in every position I’ve ever been in, my gender has always been the starting point – that I am a young woman.”

A ‘private party with friends on a Sunday when there were no official duties’

In this viral video, she dances, poses, sits on her knees (as a media outlet writes), throws her hands up in the air, laughs, gets into a group hug, jumps in joy and has a good time.

A PM, a wife, a mother to a four year old, she is just being normal here.

But a bunch of political enthusiasts (who have obviously not partied in years) are worried about this. And the reasons vary from ‘her inappropriate behavior’ to ‘Russia’s invasion of Ukraine’.

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Now all of a sudden, she is not facing questions about NATO membership. Her accountability has been reduced to questions pertaining to drugs and alcohol.

How was a private party’s video leaked on social media?

Umm, should we not even address the question of privacy here? How was a private party’s video leaked on social media? Apparently not, because no one did.

Not too far, a white man, who also happened to be a nation’s leader, got away for the longest time for partying during COVID times. But let’s all attack Marin even when hers is a liberal democracy.

It was, as Sanna Marin says, a “private party with friends on a Sunday when there was nothing scheduled.” Maybe people forgot to check that her private life did not impair any of her public duties.

“I hope that in the year 2022 it’s accepted that even decision-makers dance, sing and go to parties,” Marin told reporters. “I didn’t wish for any images to be spread, but it’s up to the voters to decide what they think about it.”

As someone who is writing this and deserves a long break, and was elated to see Marin dancing, my advice?

Please party harder, PM! You are running a country. You deserve to have a good time. And you deserve it more than most people sitting at their homes and throwing their ‘concerns’ (read hate) your way.

Image source: YouTube

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