We Need To Talk About When The Pressure Is Too Much And Nobody Knows

Mental health awareness and dialogues are so important. In every part of the world. In every industry. In every sector. At every age. In all sections.

Mental health awareness and dialogues are so important. In every part of the world. In every industry. In every sector. At every age. In all sections.

Yesterday’s incident gave me a sudden flashback of an episode when a popular actress, who was a guest on the same show, called all the actors on the list ‘hot’, except for SSR.

While all these parameters are subjective, and people are entitled to their opinion, I am sure it matters to people who are being ranked by their colleagues. Colleagues they have worked with. Colleagues they might want to work with.

It also exposes how hard it must be to survive in an industry where people constantly judge you, and are ready to laugh at you on a show that is aired internationally. Mental health awareness is at rock bottom.

It could shatter your confidence. Needless to say, it can affect your career as well.

When is the pressure too much?

While there will always be superhuman beings in every corner of this world who would ask others to – ‘toughen’ up, not take things so seriously, not give up that easily, not be a ‘loser’ – it’s harder than it looks.

Not everyone is as brave as Katrina to go out of the way and be vulnerable and say how harmful constructed hierarchy is. Especially about an industry that is not very accepting of outsiders. An industry that is so hollow with all its glamour. An industry that takes pride in all its rivalries. An industry whose mediocre products so many of us marvel at.

The question remains – when is the pressure too much?

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It’s when you do not feel normal anymore. It’s when what you once liked doing seems like a chase or a chore. It’s when daily activities are a struggle. It’s much before the suffocation begins.

And is there enough time to relieve the pressure? Yes. There is always enough time to take a break and seek help.

We need to talk about mental health

Mental Health awareness and dialogues are so important. In every part of the world. In every industry. In every sector. At every age. In all sections.

We all know they are important. Yet, we shy away from conversing about them in day to day life. They should be as normalized as talking about a headache or a muscle cramp. It’s the brain muscles that exercise all the time and take all the pressure and control the entire body.

The lesser we talk about it, the worse it is for us and everyone connected to us. There are many helpline numbers available online.

Dealing with the pressure

It’s also extremely important to stay connected to the loved ones. The ones we trust. The ones who don’t judge. Success, money and glamour deceive. They pull you away from everything that nurtured you to become who you once dreamed to be. Do not let any of this pull you away from your roots because it’s the roots you would want to visit and revisit to stay alive in a world that is so materialistic, competitive, ruthless and judgemental.

And while going back to the roots can be difficult for some, finding inner peace, might seem more difficult, but the try is worth it.

We all have different methods – of cleansing, of decluttering, of self-caring and sharing, and reconnecting with nature, or going to therapy.

Different things work for different people. It is all about absorbing and expressing. Dealing with your joys and sorrows.

And little triumphs that come with small-big tries, and each step towards embracing yourself tighter, forming a cocoon, cushioning yourself from outside influences, and breathing. And smiling. To just let go.

Let go of everything that puts the pressure on you. Because you deserve better. And in this process, of leaning and unlearning, you’d find a new purpose.

A reality check on mental health awareness

While the investigations are still on and it’s extremely unfair to pry into the interiors of someone’s life and struggles, it’s been confirmed that the actor suffered from mental health issues and was on prescribed drugs.

It’s really a wake up call to look beyond the exteriors.

Let’s take a moment and remind ourselves to be kind and loving and gentle to anyone and everyone. To smile at people. Offer them help. Because that way, we help ourselves too.

Let’s hope we all have strength to pull each other up in difficult times.
Today and for ever. Let’s hope the ones suffering find peace. And the ones judging, find peace too; instead of repents and regrets and eulogies, that they could have been a better friend or a better support to someone; and now they can only be sorry.

Time to be reminded of the fact that it’s us who make heroes out of ordinary people. And heroes are as much under pressure, as ordinary people. And that sometimes, heroes need help and assurances too, just like ordinary people do.

You are brave and beautiful and worth all good things – despite the dejections and rejections. You are the hero of your story. Write your own story.

If you or anyone you know is feeling suicidal, here are some of the helplines available in India. Please call.
Aasra, Mumbai: 022-27546669
Sneha, Chennai: 044-2464 0050
Lifeline, Kolkata: 033-2474 4704
Sahai, Bangalore: 080–25497777
Roshni, Hyderabad: 040-66202000, 040-66202001

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