“His Ex Wife Is Rich ‘Coz Of Divorce Settlement” Negates All Her Invisible Labour Supporting His Career

To think that money can buy you anything is as wrong as singling a woman out after her divorce because the world feels she got overcompensated. 


A lot of people are attracted to money and that’s not a bad thing. Which is also why everyone talks about money and the rich. The rich always make the headlines.

The rich, also, get upset when their personal lives are talked about, and rightly so. They have all the right to privacy.

Time moves on. However, people do not.

The incident happened in the beginning of the year 2019. One of the richest men in the world had a divorce. A few days later his photos and text messages with his then girlfriend got leaked.

Now, that’s not why I am here.

I am here because men to this day bring only one thing up in a lot of comments section – his ex-wife is rich because of their divorce settlement.

Hell, Yes! She is! So? The point being?

The point, according to these men, is that 25% of the couple’s stocks went to the wife when the couple’s divorce got finalized, and this doesn’t make her the richest woman on the planet by her own credit. “She did not earn this money.”

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Maybe she did not actually do a job to earn this money; I still don’t get the point

When the divorce settlement did happen, people didn’t really know why and how she suddenly become so rich. It was just a divorce. A few days later, media outlets published about the ugly side of the incident, and things gained perspective. And while I know the wife didn’t ‘earn’ all of what she got, she didn’t deserve the disloyalty of her husband either, did she?

We consider the hard work, time and emotions invested in a business venture and give it a monetary value. But we also invest time and emotions and a lot of efforts in relationships, and we feel that giving them a monetary value is not only demeaning to one’s love, but also to the ones who are loved.

But at the same time, being cheated on is not just massively disrespectful, it’s also extremely hard hitting and earth shattering in all possible ways. A friend who had gone through this trauma had once said that despite everything being over four years ago, she still looked for closure in little things, looked for apologies that never came. That even if these apologies did come her way, at some point in life, they wouldn’t instantly make her feel better. Maybe they won’t mean anything at all. It would require a long time for her to heal.

People who get cheated on also start looking for flaws in themselves.
Maybe, I wasn’t enough for my partner.
Am I not attractive anymore?
What does the other person have that I don’t?

It’s sad that the entire episode puts the cheated under the spotlight, instead of the cheater.

Always putting a wife, or ex wife on the spot?

Having met the man before he built his empire, supporting him through the ups and downs on the journey, and raising four of their kids on the way, the woman had done everything in her power to the best of her abilities.
The business mogul was, and still is, often criticized for paying very low wages to his employees and workers. Time and again, he used his wife’s name under media glare to soften his own image.

He leaned heavily on her and on his marriage with her. He has said on record: “My wife is the really impressive one here.” He would brag that he did the dishes every night and said she was so resourceful, she could “get me out of a Third World prison”. However, she, a shy novelist, couldn’t even handle cocktail parties, which she once called “nerve-wracking.”

What happens between two people should always remain between two people. I abide by that principle. Which is why the world needs to stop talking about them.

Day before yesterday I came across a comment – In the US, if you’re rich and foolish enough to get caught cheating on your wife, it can cost you high.

No, it didn’t really in his case! He is still one of the  richest and most influential men to walk on the planet. He owns 75% of the stocks and has kept all the voting rights. His company keeps getting bigger, and he keeps getting richer.

And let’s not forget that she had married him before he had started his famous and successful company. So we can safely say that she didn’t really marry him for money.

Another comment, more of a question, I remember, was – He seems smart, why did he not do a prenup?

Umm, idk, because he didn’t have that sort of money at the time of marriage?
*inserts eyeroll emoji

And the woman was decent enough to trust her husband and have faith in him and his dream.

We don’t know, so we mustn’t assume

We do not know of her contribution to his life. Maybe it was purely emotional support. Maybe she also worked different jobs all day for several years to provide financial security and stability to the family. We don’t know!

All we know is that they ended things amicably and have decided to be friends and co-parents to their four children. And for men who think women look for money when they look for a life partner, this is what this entire write-up is about, so no that’s not how it works, Sherlock!

Marriage should be about trust, reciprocity, mutual respect, and love. I can’t talk about every woman, or for every man for that matter, but no, ‘rich’ is not what all people look for when they look for love.

Money has its own costs and consequences. And cheating is the last thing that anyone wishes for – be it a man or a woman. To think that money can buy you anything is as wrong as singling a woman out after her divorce because the world feels she got ‘overcompensated’.

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