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No Single Women Allowed Here; Accommodation For Families Only!

We educate our daughters, make them financially independent, and able to leave abusive marriages. But when they go to rent a home, they face discrimination as single women and considered a liability.

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Everything You Need To Know About Divorce Laws In India And What To Do
divorce laws in India

Divorce laws in India and the divorce procedure in India are based on separate religion based laws, so here's a handy primer.

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It Had Been A Year Since Her Divorce But She Still Couldn’t Get His Voice Out Of Her Head…

A decade of love doesn’t just evaporate. It leaves traces. In her mind. In her body’s unconscious habits. The position she slept in. The way she stretched when she woke up.

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People Throwing A Fit Over The Aamir And Kiran Rao Divorce, You Need To Read This ASAP
Aamir Khan Kiran Rao divorce

The definition of marriage differs for everyone. For some people, basic understanding, caring, and respect is enough. But some people may want more.

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Kirti Kulhari Reminds Us: The Decision To Separate From Your Spouse Is Entirely Yours

Kirti Kulhari’s recent account of separating from her husband shows how important it is to normalize divorce for women.

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It’s This Lack Of Marital Obedience In You Women Who’re Too Independent!

My head is full of doubts. Was I completely wrong? Am I unlovable? Could I have done something differently, changed the course of my life? Should I have ‘adjusted’ more?

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