Sophie-Joe Jonas, Manju-Dileep, Samantha-Naga Chaitanya Divorce: STOP The Mom-Shaming!

Mom shaming in a divorce means that women will only end up staying in abusive marriages - think of the long term implications for children's mental health!

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Parents: A Divorced Daughter Is Better Than A Dead Daughter!
Why This Baraat Needs to be The New Norm

Recently, the news of a very different kind of baraat made its way to the newspapers. Social media was awash with pics of this very unique procession and accolades in handfuls were ladled out to this father who can easily be dubbed the Father of the Year. Who is he and what exactly did he […]

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I’m Sorry My Marriage Happened, But Not That I Am Divorced!
Divorce is normal

The taboo around a topic only keeps intensifying as the silence around it thickens, as well as the misconceptions. Let's talk about divorce.

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Salini Vineeth’s Lost Edges Addresses Mental Health Issues Through A Nuanced Narrative
Lost Edges

I loved how Salini Vineeth's Lost Edges wonderfully and effectively champions seeking help and counseling both for personal and interpersonal issues.

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Viral Memes & Divorce Photoshoots As SC Rules Easier Divorce For Irretrievable Breakdown Of Marriage!

SC must be fully satisfied that the marriage has completely failed and there is no possibility that the parties will cohabit together… that the matrimonial alliance has become totally unworkable, emotionally dead and beyond salvation.

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Why Your Husband Or Boyfriend Often Can’t Stand Your BFF

Your women friends, the sisterhood they form, can be your safe space, your haven, a safety net when stuck in an abusive relationship or marriage.

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