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Melinda Bill Gates
Let’s Celebrate Divorce If It Frees People From A Bad Marriage, Letting Them Live A Happier Life

Applaud those who leave a broken marriage, they may now be free to live far more fulfilling, productive, and meaningful lives individually than when they were together. Or even with someone else.

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The Melinda-Bill Gates Divorce News Predictably Brings Out The Nastiness Of Misogynists
Melinda and Bill Gates Divorce

Even as news breaks of Melinda and Bill Gates getting a divorce, the misogynists are having a field day making nasty, insinuating comments about Melinda.

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Your Daughter Needs Your Support, Even If You Don’t Agree With Her Divorce

When a woman gets a divorce, even her parents often see her as a failure who can't be trusted to take her own decisions.

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Renuka Shahane’s Childhood Experience Tells Us Why We Need To Normalise Divorces!

Renuka Shahane opened up about being ostracised as a kid after her parents' divorce. Still need a reason to destigmatise divorces?

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The Question On Everyone’s Mind Is – Why This Revealing Memoir Now?

“It helps that I am not on social media and that I don’t read literature on me, about me,” Sudha laughed. “As for people’s perceptions, I have learnt to live with it and above it.”

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Divorce Does NOT Mean I Failed, Shasvathi Siva & Teesha Thomas Tell Us About Their Viral Video

Shasvathi Siva and Teesha Thomas’ video on normalising divorce is now viral. Here's why these women refuse to be silent about divorce!

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