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For Every Indian Woman Put Through A Moral Trial, Criticised For Everything Like Samantha Ruth Prabhu…

Every Indian woman has been through something like this. Written in light of the criticism faced by Samantha Ruth Prabhu for divorce and the moral trial of women who don't want to fit a definition. 

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When You Have No Idea What Life Will Bring After A Divorce In India…
Ranjani Rao

Rewriting My Happily Ever After is a soft, warm conversation that author Ranjani Rao has with her readers. She is telling her story as it is, sans filters, illusions, and repressed emotions.

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The Past Was A Nightmare I Was Happy To Leave Behind Me

I didn’t want their empathy – nor did I want their verdict. I just wanted to leave all of this behind me. The past was over – I only had to take with me the lessons it had taught me, no baggage. I could do without it.

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Alimony Is A Critical Need For Women & Kids After Divorce, Not A ‘Gender Bias’

Most men speak of alimony as an 'oppressive law against men', but in a social structure where the wife (and kids) could be left without finances in case of a divorce, it is essential.

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No Single Women Allowed Here; Accommodation For Families Only!

We educate our daughters, make them financially independent, and able to leave abusive marriages. But when they go to rent a home, they face discrimination as single women and considered a liability.

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Everything You Need To Know About Divorce Laws In India And What To Do
divorce laws in India

Divorce laws in India and the divorce procedure in India are based on separate religion based laws, so here's a handy primer.

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