21 Signs That You Have It In You To Survive The Tough World

The world may not be the easiest place to navigate on right now. It is a very difficult place to survive in. But you if you follow these 21 signs, you will definitely survive!

The world may not be the easiest place to navigate on right now. It is a very difficult place to live in. But you if you follow these 21 signs, you will definitely survive!

We all want to make it big in life. And we seek validation from others. We also look for signs that tell us, dictate us, and help us move on on our desired path. But how many of us have actually considered looked at the signs we give ourselves?

It depends from person to person, what making big in life means to them.
Some want fame, some prosperity, and some just want enough to have a healthy and happy life. There are people who see goals and dreams as the same thing while other look at them as two different and mutually exclusive elements.

There are some signs that show that you have the passion to make things better- no matter what age you are. These are signs that make you push yourself harder and be disciplined enough to get things done.

Here are 21 of those signs that you have in yourself to make it-

You are excited to start the new day

Seriously, how many of us are really excited to wake up and face both the good and the bad? We don’t always have exciting things happening in life. There are times when the monotony of the everyday will hit us (at least some of us)

But the ones who look forward to everyday are the ones who know how to live for themselves in the truest sense. Because the day we stop wanting to wake up for ourselves the whole purpose of leading a meaningful life diminishes. 

You aren’t terrified of failure

You are not ‘chasing’ success. Believing that one would always win is unrealistic. And when such people lose, it really bogs them down.

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Believe in yourself, give your 100% to whatever you do, don’t worry about the results and enjoy the process – that’s the mantra to be happy.

People who follow this mantra are not scared of trying out new things, either. They are in it for the process and learning, not the end result.

You do productive work- for yourself

If I ask you what your last creation was, would you have an answer? Don’t think you aren’t talented, all of us are. When was the last time you did something for yourself?

Drew something? Wrote something? Knit something? Cooked something? Not for others, but for yourself.

Do something you genuinely enjoy, something that gives you peace of mind. Sometimes, we need to do things simply to make our souls happy.

You are not scared of the society you live in

Now, I don’t mean that you don’t care about your society. What I do mean is that the society doesn’t necessarily dictate how you live your life. Neither does it scare you from trying out new things and living your passions while fulfilling your dreams. 

You thrive in the society, and meet people, at the same time, you also enjoy your own company and can be in isolation. As a person, you don’t need society to exist on your own but you don’t have an existential crisis either in a room full of people.

You aren’t scared of meeting new people

This is just an extension of the previous point.

We all have different personalities. While some us are introverts, others love animals more than humans and both of that is completely fine. But we need to accept the reality that we live in a world where we need to open up and meet people.

Meeting some acquaintance at a park, smiling at the cashier in the store, helping an old couple on the road, this is not going to cost us a penny.

What more is that this also helps us grow individually in a society obsessed with social media and the internet.

You are willing to take up challenges

You are ready to take up challenges for yourself, for family and for the community. It’s not necessary that you win or prove anything to people.

All you need is the mental make up that says, ‘Okay, I got this. I’ll try and sort it out. Let’s see how it goes.’

You need not take failures on your ego, you can always ask for help. And you will get help when you ask others and when you help them too.

You are a Jack of all trades

I’ve never really understood why being the jack of all trades is not as appreciated. Why must you be the master of only one? There’s nothing wrong if you are. But surely, no one can master everything!

Personally, I have always felt that getting an 80 or 85 on 100 in all subjects is still better than getting 95 in two and 70-80 in the others. It is always good to know a little of everything and keep yourself updated on the information as and when required. 

That is practicality that comes very handy when survival is in question.

You have a timetable

Basically, you value time.

It doesn’t have to be a written timetable, but there has to be a framework.
And if you work full time, the rest of your hours are slotted and sorted. You have time to exercise, meditate, have fun, and spend quality time with friends and family.

A mental time table keeps you on your toes but gives a sense of productivity by the end of the day, when you have your work organised. Because, time is money.

You make a to-do list, everyday

You don’t have to have a long to-do list but only important, achievable short term goals for the day.

From making important calls, to having that pending doctor’s visit, to carrying the important files and folders to office. Anything you think is important and needs a reminder must go on this list.

And heavens, it feels good when all the boxes are checked!

Less talk, more work

I won’t elaborate this one too much.

There is nothing wrong in being a dreamer but what do you actually achieve by merely dreaming?

Every step counts. When was the last time you took a step in the direction of your dreams?

You cultivate new interests

You could be a homemaker and interested in science and learning something new everyday. Or an environmentalist interested in finance. Heck, you could be a Yoga instructor who loves horse riding or chess!

You could be anyone who loves anything.

And that makes you, you. Different. Attractive. Interesting. Bold.
Ready for life.

You have financial goals

You believe you do not have to earn a lot or be very rich. Your intention is to spend on things that you need, rather than on things you want. You save your money, you invest your money.

And investing money also includes investing on long term, durable, quality products. You do your research – from investment policy plans, to household products.

You don’t wait for miracles

Basically, you’re practical.

You don’t day dream. Neither do you expect someone to be your Prince Charming when you’re in distress. And you definitely do not expect the Almighty to help you when you do not follow your own karma.

You take matters in your hands, you try to complete your work on time and then you assess the results.

And then you move on.

You love what you do

Definitely different from doing what you love. We all are not fortunate enough to do what we love. Some of us have still not discovered what we love.

But if you are practical enough to fall in love with the work you do, and give all you can, you are on the right path. Of course, there are times when things are not in our hands.

But you must be mindful enough to draw your boundaries and know when to leave – be it a toxic relationship or a toxic work environment.

You look for different results, differently

You can adapt. And you can adapt in different and difficult situations.

But you do not give up. If you do not get the desired result, you can take a break and get back to it with a different approach.

You try your best and work hard till you get your desired result.

You take breaks

You finish your projects on time. But sometimes, unfinished projects can be extremely bothering. They can also put us in an extremely uncomfortable spot! What to do in such a situation?

Just take a break. Nothing wrong in taking a break before you start a new project after a success. Similarly, nothing wrong to take a break after a failure, before beginning afresh.

You take good care of yourself

People who value themselves, take good care of themselves. This includes eating right, wearing comfortable and clean clothes, exercising regularly and on schedule. It also means getting regular medical check-ups, spending time with the family, nature, animals and engaging in activities that make you happy. Building your immunity, your memory and your personality is a part of this.

Another important aspect of this is enjoying being alone. Puzzles, music, dinner and movie dates with oneself, self care massages help us grow fond of our own company. The source of happiness should never be from outside of us. It should be within us.

The motivation, thus, comes from within us, too. Physical, mental, emotional well being is extremely important to lead a healthy and happy life.

You are disciplined

Once you start enjoying discipline, nothing can deter you in life.

People with discipline are the ones most passionate for life. This discipline is not forced upon them. If you are one of those who are ready to sacrifice late night parties to wake up and meditate, you are here to stay longer in the race than most, and you know it.

So, congratulations on that!

You value the people who work for you

If you value work and time, and good work, then you’re definitely not one of those who would put up with people who do patchy work. You demand honesty and passion, a person just like yourself.

And if you have a dedicated work force under you, you will value them, since you know your own value. This applies to you even if you’re a homemaker.

If you have a house help, a driver, a gardener, and you value them for their work, and for who they are, you are not superficial or self-obsessed.

You aren’t scared of negative feedback

You consider opinions but never seek others’ approval. And this is why both positive and negative feedbacks help you grow.

You are not scared to get negative feedback. It doesn’t scare you, neither does it dim the light in your life!

You believe in giving back

You don’t have to own a million bucks and start philanthropy. It’s enough if you feed one street animal before you feed yourself (if you’re fortunate to have enough on your plate.)

You know the value of life and you know what it means to be hungry. This good heart will take you places, especially in the hearts of those around you.

A combination of factors makes you who you are, and a combination of factors decide how far will you make it in life. Making it big in life is subjective, but a combination of these signs build up a very balanced personality. A personality  deemed to thrive well in a society that is self absorbed, self obsessed, extremely competitive and out of touch with reality.

Make sure you make a place of your own in this world, and begin by making yourself your first priority.

Picture credits: Pexels

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