‘Whatever Our Souls Are Made Up Of His And Mine Are The Same’: Emily Brontë

Posted: October 5, 2019

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When love becomes divine

At a huge lifestyle store in a mall, I saw this old couple buying two face napkins which were on a fifty per cent discount. They must have been in their late seventies frail and short. If he was five feet three inches she would be around four feet ten. Though they looked very middle class from their clothes, he was wearing a shirt which was frayed at the collar and she surprisingly was wearing pants with a greyish top and her feet ensconced in sandals because women from that generation normally wear either sarees or salwar kameez.

They stood in the queue to pay their bill of the two face napkins. The woman stood behind her husband respectfully as any Indian woman would. This store had a policy that they issued a card to their customers where they would issue points with every purchase you made and you could redeem these points when they were of a sizeable quantity and buy whatever you wanted with it.

The couple reached the billing counter and while they were paying the bill the man at the counter said something to them. The man smiled and pulled his wife out of the queue and said do you know we have enough points accumulated, let us go and get the pant you liked. The women held his hand gave a shy smile and both of them seemed very happy almost ran to the women’s counter holding hands tightly.

Santa had arrived early for them and for me it was a glimpse of true love.

Image via Pixabay

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