Failure Is A Detour, Not A Dead-End #Chhichhore

I urge all the parents, please teach kids to handle failure. That is very important especially in the present times.

Just returned home from watching Chhichhore and couldn’t wait to share my feelings. I know,  many would have watched this movie already and those who did not, must be knowing about it for sure.

This is not a review of the movie. These are the thoughts that went through my mind, the feelings that went through my heart for the two and half hours.

I almost jumped off my seat when Sushant Singh introduces himself as Anirudh in the movie . My son’s name is Anirudh too, he plays basketball and he too is going to be an engineer.

My husband, who is also an engineer had told me and my son about the ragging in engineering college. The things he told me kept me awake for many days. I did not want my son to go through so much pain, but then my husband told my son that the the guys who rag you become your best friends and the four years at college will be your life’s best years. I too knew this, but the mother in me was not ready for it.

When I saw the ragging in the movie, I again felt a little bit of tightness in the heart. Things have changed now and ragging is not so bad as it was in my husband’s time.  Apparently ragging is  called interaction now and my son thoroughly enjoyed it.

I wish I could have watched this movie with Anirudh but I was happy that my younger son was with me. This movie helped me teach him something very important. He was very upset because the  ball did not go into the basket. I told him that is the way  things happen sometimes . I told him to think about the TT matches he played and lost. I told him to recall how every one who watched him play came and congratulated him even though he lost. I told him that  is because he played very well and they knew he was good.

Winning is not everything, giving your best is. Finally, I drove my point home.

Coming back to the movie,  I was a little worried when I saw how the boys talk, smoke and drink. But like my husband says,  I know that no one goes beyond limits, and every one in the college wants to do well. There is camaraderie, competition and the strong will to do well and all of them become family.

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Actually, to be honest, the first thing I felt when I went to drop my son at the hostel was it would be wonderful to become a student again and study there.

The most important thing to take home from this movie is to teach our kids that failure is not the end. It is the courage to continue to give your best.

I will  tell my kids that we can party as soon as the exams are done, instead of telling them that we will party as soon as the results are out.

The screenplay, the acting, everything about the movie is  so good and most importantly so relatable unlike the student of the year series. It shows the present day society as it is.

I am not one of those parents who dream that their kids get into IIT, actually I always wished they did not choose that line, but since my son chose to do engineering, I pushed him to study hard and give his best. I also discussed other career options if things did not work out well.

I urge all the parents, please teach kids to handle failure. That is very important especially in the present times.

Chhichhore is the best movie I have watched in recent times.

Image is a still from the movie Chhichhore


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