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Diwali, From The POV Of An Indian Domestic Help, A Working Woman Too…

Diwali, with all the celebrations, is a much looked forward to festival. But how does Diwali look from the POV of the women who clean our homes and do our mundane chores?

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When I Had To Talk To My Son About How He’s Important Too #InternationalGirlChildDay

We should not stop our boys from expressing their emotions.We should stop saying 'boys don't cry'.

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Failure Is A Detour, Not A Dead-End #Chhichhore

I urge all the parents, please teach kids to handle failure. That is very important especially in the present times.

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engineer's day
15th Sept, Engineer’s Day. Parents, Your Kid Has To Be Or Not To Be An Engineer?

15th September is Engineer's Day, so a look at this - many Indian parents try to get their kid to go for Engineering, when the kid would like to do something else. 

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helicopter mom
Worried That You Might Be A Helicopter Mom? Then Read My Story

Having doubts as a parent, in an environment changing so fast, is natural. But how do you know if you're doing what it takes?

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Judge Frank Caprio’s Real-Life Series Named ‘Caught In Providence’ Reinstates My Faith In Humanity

After watching the videos, I felt the world would have been a better place if every judge was like Judge Caprio.

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The Difficulty Of Being A Parent In The Era Of Arjun Reddy And Kabir Singh

Arjun Reddy, and Now Kabir Singh, have put a glamorous role model in front of kids that is all wrong - a toxic, entitled, violent man as a hero. How does one parent them?

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A Child’s Success Brings Pride…Even For The Most Successful Parents

Every parent no matter who they are, likes to celebrate their kids' success. They don't distribute sweets anymore, but share it on social media.

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“Are Personal Sad Stories A Must To Win Talent Contests?” Asks Actor Sanya Malhotra In This Post

Shouldn't talent be judged on the basis of itself without needing a sad story of struggle to win? These are questions actor Sanya Malhotra posed on a recent Facebook post.

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Women Want Chivalry But Are They Uncomfortable Returning The Favour? Why?

Anand Ahuja tying Sonam Kapoor's shoe laces looks cute! What if the women were tying the laces of their husband's shoes? What would the reaction be?

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An Ode To All The Moms #HappyMother’sDay

Happy mothers day; To the mom who smiled looking at the baby after being in labor for endless hours. To the mom who sheds happy tears when her baby latches to her breast after coming back from work. To the  mom who cries like a baby when she has to say goodbye to her child […]

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You Don’t Need To Give Birth To Be A Mother #Mother’sDay2019

Everyone around us, irrespective of their gender, who brings out the mom in them is a mother.

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My Own Very Special Mother’s Day

At the time when everyone talks about a girl child, women empowerment, raising boys is an honour.

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An Ode To All The Women (And Men) Who Write

I will not give up taking challenges because magic happens when you do not give up. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart.

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To My Brother, With Love On #BrotherAndSisterDay

It was #BrotherAndSisterDay on May 2nd. Here are some of my thoughts and memories on the occasion.

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I Want To Be Like Sita; A Woman Who Is Considered Meek, But Isn’t

Sita was not the weak, meek woman she is made out to be in most versions of the Ramayana. She was a strong woman who made her own choice at key points in her life.

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Life Is Full Of Choices…Please Don’t Hesitate To Make Another Choice

I know that the most difficult thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which bridge to burn but I want my son to know that there is always a way to build another bridge.

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Have You Ever Danced To The Music Of The Earth? #InternationalEarthDay

The Earth will fill you with perspective and remind you of what is right. I am in harmony with her, every single time, I am fortunate enough to be in her presence.

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Kids That Love To Read Are Not Born, They Are Made On The Laps Of Parents

2nd April is International Children's Book Day, and I'd like to share the happiness I get from bringing up a reader in my son.

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summer games
Every Generation Of Childhood Summer Has Its Own Story; Mine Does – What’s Yours?

Many schools are winding up for the year, and some already have. Summer vacations will soon be upon us. What do you have in plan for the kids?

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8 Hours Of Sleep, A Myth When You Are A Mom #WorldSleepingDay

I know, there is no one to disturb me during the night. But, still, I can't sleep.

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An Ode To The Women Who Inspire Me

I draw inspiration from every woman I know because each one of them is a treasure and there is so much to learn from them.

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Things I Want To Do Just Like My Husband

My dear husband, I am already doing things I thought I could not do, I am bringing up two very fine, wonderful boys, who would contribute towards a better world.

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Finally, I Can End My Stories With “Our King Fought Back.”

I feel so proud that we are finally retaliating.  All the family members of our brave soldiers who achieved martyrdom must be feeling avenged.

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International mother language day
I’m Glad On International Mother Language Day Yesterday, I Could Lead My Child To Ours

We cannot force a language on our child. But we can make it easy for our child to be convinced to speak it, learn it, like it, love it.

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My New Year Resolution Is To Be Kind To Myself

As the new year rings in, the author makes a list of resolutions that she intends to follow and be a better version of herself.

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How’s The Josh? High Sir!

Uri:The Surgical Strike is a movie which would instill you with pride and respect for the Indian Armed Forces. 

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8 Things I Want My Son To Learn From Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya has unwittingly imparted some valuable lessons to today's youngsters who idolise him, when he crammed his foot in his mouth.

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Your Child’s Teacher Is Your Partner In Arms For Parenting – Know Them

Parent-teacher meetings are a very emotional event for me. These are emotions that come from getting to know how my child is when I am not around, and to see how much he is growing.

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Why Gender Neutral Parenting Is The Need Of The Hour

"Don't tell the kids that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Tell them that they belong to earth.Tell them they are equally responsible and equally entitled"- Says the author as she states how gender-stereotyping is bad.

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The #MeToo Movement Taught Me To Raise My Sons Responsibly

The author writes that a big take away for her from the recent #MeToo movement is that she would focus on raising her sons into responsible human beings, who respect women. This would be her contribution towards creating a world where women would not have to say #MeToo.

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Life Lessons From Mom

A beautiful letter from a mother to her son, in which she shares meaningful life-lessons to help him lead a happy life.

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Safe Places, Nowhere?

Is there any place where we feel our kids are safe?  Where our kids can just enjoy their childhood, without fear?

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I Hit My Son For The 1st Time Yesterday; I’m Unable To Forgive Myself. Has It Happened To You?

Despite being a loving mom, this author hit her son, for the 1st time, as a reaction. She ponders on why she did it, and brings us some valuable points to think about.

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Crazy, Flawed Is The Way To Be

Over the years, in what ways have you grown stronger? It’s time to take a count. Now she’s stronger than you know A heart of steel starts to grow – The Script When I look back, I  don’t feel stupid anymore. I  am stronger now. I  am not going to control my thoughts anymore, I […]

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Patriotic Today, Patriotic Everyday

15th August, Independence Day. You get up to everyone wishing you a very Happy Independence Day. Thanks to the social media, every Indian can show how patriotic he/she is just by copy pasting or forwarding a Happy Independence Day message.

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I Am An Ordinary Mom Who Can Sometimes Be Judgemental About The World

An 'ordinary woman', an 'ordinary' mom, representative of every woman, speaks of the struggle between the dichotomy in her mind, about the way she feels about everyday things.

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Happy Father’s Day To You Dad!

DADDY, The pain never goes away and every time the same question pops up, why you? Why us?  The same thoughts rise in my mind, how nice it would have been if you were here for some more time.

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Dear Beauty Parlour Employee, I Am Not My Hair, Dry Or Otherwise!

When the desire to 'improve' oneself strikes, a visit to the beauty parlour happens...but instead, do we end up believing that we are ugly?

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When My Son Asked, “Mummy, Why Do All Mothers And Fathers Nowadays Want Only Girls?”

In trying to be fair to our daughters, are we being unfair to our sons? A son asks this question to his mom, who has shared it with us.

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No Fairytale Wedding, But We Have Each Other!

Did the Princy Harry and Meghan Markle wedding make you feel nostalgic? Well, you can always close your eyes and relive your own happiest moment!

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