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Judge Frank Caprio’s Real-Life Series Named ‘Caught In Providence’ Reinstates My Faith In Humanity

After watching the videos, I felt the world would have been a better place if every judge was like Judge Caprio.

After a very long time, I had some time for myself, today. Was lazing on the couch and just browsing through all the videos on my Facebook account. Most videos were about fitness, beauty hacks, recipes and all the usual stuff. I was just about to log out when one video caught my attention.

A courtroom, where the judge was asking a woman some questions and smiling and laughing all the time. I loved the way he asked her questions, without making her uncomfortable. I felt he acted very well. And I watched the next video too, and then the next one.

I just loved the way the cases were being handled, all of them were for traffic regulation and parking tickets. I wanted to watch the whole series, so I googled.

You won’t believe how surprised I was when I found that the videos were actually shot in a real courtroom and the judge was not an actor but was really a judge.

I read that his name was Judge Caprio. His son/brother started filming court cases. After a few were telecast they became so popular that, people asked for more.

Judge Frank Caprio is Rhode island’s favourite judge. He is loved for his kind nature, thoughtfulness and great humour.

All of the cases are real. Though everyone knows that there are cameras, Judge Caprio makes it very clear that he is there to do his job.

I particularly liked two videos.

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The first one, where a 96-year-old man was given a traffic ticket because he was speeding while taking his 63-year-old son to the hospital. The way Judge Caprio handled the case brought tears to my eyes and I wanted to go shake his hand and give him a big bear hug.

The second one, where he asks the mother of a girl who was given a parking ticket, whether she likes her daughter’s boyfriend. He asks in a manner where no one can get offended.

After watching a couple of more videos, I felt the world would have been a better place if every judge was like Judge Caprio.

I am going to watch all the videos and recommend them to everyone. I bet you will fall in love with the wonderful, most loved, Judge Caprio and his heartfelt take on justice.

Just look for ‘Caught in Providence’.

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