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The Fabulous Lives Of Women Over 40

Posted: December 7, 2020

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Don’t let the topic mislead you. This has got nothing to do with Karan Johar or his new Netflix series.

A couple of weeks ago, when I posted a picture on Facebook, a friend of mine said I looked very different; that there was some change in me and whatever the change was, it made me look good.

A few days back, another friend said that there was a certain kind of calm when I spoke now.

I know I have changed; I will be lying if I say that it is not self induced. However, the change has also come about because of age.

I call it ‘the halfway age’.

When I was 18, I would call people over 40, old. But now that I am here and have a son who is 19, I really feel that age is just a number. Sometimes, I don’t feel any older than my son. I still feel very young.

Having said that, a lot of things have changed too. I feel more confident now, I don’t care about what people think.

I make decisions fast and can change course when needed, because I know most times things don’t happen according to the plan.

I don’t want to fit in anymore

If I don’t like it, I won’t do it.

I own my mistakes, I forgive faster, I apologise faster.

I know what triggers me, so I know how to handle my reactions – because I can’t change the circumstances.

I have stopped judging people and comparing myself to others.

I will do anything that my mind, and most importantly, my body, can handle.

I realised there are no rules. My life, my rules is the motto. Young women who are reading this, please read it again. There are no rules! Get married when you want to, have kids when you are ready. Don’t want kids? It’s absolutely ok. Live life as you wish.

I have learnt that holding on is much harder than letting go, whether it’s relationships, memories or habits.

The most important thing I have learnt is that I can’t waste any time

I stopped procrastinating. There is no ‘later’. The bucket list is made. I have started ticking off.

I want to do at least one thing which makes me happy and motivated each day.

I realised that by changing my outlook to life, I am actually not causing any upheaval in the lives of my family. Instead, they have now learnt to deal with the new me.

I feel more happier and healthier after reinventing myself and I think it shows. Maybe that’s what my friends meant when they said I have changed.

I feel liberated and I wait for tomorrow with excitement and if tomorrow comes, I know what to tick off the bucket list.

So all the ladies who are over 40 or who are going to be, trust me, life after 40 is indeed fabulous.

First published at the author’s blog

Top image is a still from the Hindi movie, Andhadhun

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