Stop Judging Women By Their Age, You Can’t Reduce My Worth To A Number!

I won't slow down or stop doing the things that I enjoy just because I'm getting older, and neither should you!

I won’t slow down or stop doing the things that I enjoy just because I’m getting older, and neither should you!

Why are women judged on the basis of their age and not what they are worthy of? And why are men not judged for the same?

When a woman of a certain age, after facing multiple hurdles, tries to pull herself up and make something of her life, others (including other women) try to pull her down. Is it jealousy that causes people to behave in such a manner? And the saddest part is that close friends and family, who we thought we could trust, form the major part of such haters.

Most of the times it’s either her gender or her age which acts as a hurdle to her success. I don’t understand why it should even matter. When a woman is talented and capable of working and achieving something on par with the opposite gender or her younger counterparts, why isn’t she accepted or encouraged?

Why do people give so much importance to her age? After all, it’s just a number. Everyone woman goes through similar situations at some point in her life.

“How old are you?” I faced this question in my 30’s, now in 40’s and I see it continuing into my 50’s, 60’s and 70’s too. Do we really need this nonsense apart from all the daily stress we already have to go through?

Some of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard

A friend: “You have such grown up kids, you must be much older?” (Me: Oh no, don’t even go there!)

Once when I was 35, I went to a diagnostic center for an MRI for my leg pain, the technician checked my file and asked me, “Are you sure you’re 35?” (Me: What nonsense! Of course, anyways why do you care?)

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A friend: “Oh really! You don’t look so old” (Me: Of course not, because I have taken a magic pill)

Another friend: “I’m the youngest of all!”  (Me: So what!)

And another friend: “Oh, I thought you were older” (Me: Maybe she wanted to see me with a walking stick?)

A friend who has been with me for many years, never forgets to remind me my age by asking countless times the year I was born in and taking sadistic pleasure in it. (Me thinking: A true friend knows my age, I don’t have to keep repeating it, and I know yours too; you’re not ageless either, right?).

Another friend of mine never forgets to bring up the age topic, whenever she has an opportunity. She wants to show off that she is the youngest in a group of ladies, where half of the ladies are in their 70s, some in 60s, 50s and a few of us in the 40s including she (Me: Oh no! Not again, so insensitive).

Some friends: “Oh you’re studying at this age” (Me: So what, just because you can’t do what you want to do, don’t expect me to not do what I want to do).

A colleague who came across a list of all employees and their dates of birth, calls me and takes the pains to show me the list and points out that I am a couple of years older than him. (Me: Seriously! Are you for real? So what?)

Let’s not reduce women to just their age

If you are a true friend and you want to wish me on my birthday, wishes and cakes are always welcome! And you already know my age, so if you are insensitive enough to ask me my age, don’t blame me if you find yourself hugging the floor.

So dear friends, hope you remember all that I’ve said. For your information (sorry to disappoint you), I don’t have any intention of slowing down because of my age. I plan on doing everything I enjoy, till I have the energy and until health supports me, so you can take that smug look off your face.

I don’t care if you are younger or older to me as long as you’re a true friend and care for me, I will reciprocate. But if you say you’re a true friend and keep bringing up this nonsense every time we meet, then you better stay away from me.

I don’t understand this fascination towards age, why do some people give undue importance to age, when we are all mere mortals who are bound to perish at some time.

Picture Credits: Still from the film ‘Masaba Masaba’

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