Turning 40 Means I’m Ageing, But Here’s Why I See No Reason To Hide The Fact!

Many people feel the need to hide their age, but at 40, I feel as if it is all for the good - I find that it is the age of freedom as a woman.


Many people feel the need to hide their age, but at 40, I feel as if it is all for the good – I find that it is the age of freedom as a woman.

I have come across many women who are hesitant to disclose their age; I really don’t understand why. Does it mean a younger woman is always preferred or more capable than the aged ones? Or does it mean a woman’s life takes a back seat when they get silver in their hair and innumerable wrinkles?

And I have no problems revealing mine – in fact, I’d like to celebrate.

I’m turning 40 today!

I feel as if I’m in college; don’t realise where these 20 years have gone. The same energy, zeal and ambition to do so much in my life. My life is not over at this age. I’m also a wife and mum to two grown-up kids which are a part of my life. They are also growing with me.

In all these years, there has been many ups and downs like any other human life. But I can’t deny the fact that the learning goes with one another. What I’ve learnt in these years is that you can’t stop your age, the inevitable grey hair, wrinkles on the face and of course the normal changes too.

I don’t see any reason to hide my age even by a few days. I’m happy and content at this age and don’t see a single reason why I should keep it as a secret. Yes, I’m ageing; I can’t change the life cycle of a human being. Neither I can stop it, nor hide by layering myself with enticing make-up or a drastic makeover. That would be temporary, but underneath I’ll be the same.

I need to accept that ageing is not about worrying but to embrace it, and live life king size. My age doesn’t stop me from learning anything new at this age or trying my hands at those things which I haven’t tried yet.

Mid-life expectations?

Life expectation at mid-life is the same, in fact, I feel this is the right age when you can have more time for yourself.

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40 is the age when you can explore things which you had dropped earlier or chasing those dreams again to fulfil them. There is nothing which stops here, you know you’re growing as a human being with an added benefit of better understanding.

It’s about the attitude

Turning 40 is not about the number but it’s about the attitude. If you’re more worried about the wrinkles and the ageing, then you really need to change your perspective towards it.

I’ve seen people who are not yet 40 but talk as if they’re 60, and there are quite a few lively ones who are forever young. Of course, with so many things available in the market, people don’t look as per their age and that’s perfectly fine too.

40 might give you a little shift in your priorities but ultimately you learn what makes you happy, and you are free to be more creative and reflective. This age gives you the art of balance which might be missing earlier, and I’m sure you’re going to love it. Accepting flaws is another thing at 40 which is enough to give you peace of mind!

On a lighter note, I learn one more thing – I don’t need to post each and everything to Facebook. Perhaps, it’s good to see smiles on others’ profile rather creating a competitive world for yourself. Don’t forget-Life Begins at 40!

Have a happy 40!

Image source: a still from the movie English Vinglish

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