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Posted: July 14, 2020

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Fighting my way through the black and white mazes, only to be pushed back- again and again, into that endless path to nowhere.

It was like a dark gloomy cloud
Spreading  itself all over the sky,
The mood of elders,
Rubbing off on the young ones too,
Kids making themselves inconspicuous –
To go with the elders actions,
Not wanting to cause any trouble

And see black.

Terrified at the sight, the black of his belt,
Bringing out the red from my skin,
Pushing me into an endless swirling black tunnel,
Fighting my way through the black and white mazes
Only to be pushed back-
Again and again,
Into that endless path to nowhere.

The air was thick and dark, like a pall of gloom
When someone passes away,
The black mood of his bearing,
Testimony to the visible black and blue marks left on my body,
The black of his eyes minus the irises,
Indication of an upcoming storm.

I couldn’t differentiate-
Between sunny, rainy and hot days,
All I saw were the same overcast shadowy black days,
Becoming numb and growing a thick skin,
Devoid of any feelings or pain,
Walking around in a haze going about my work like a robot,
Wondering if I deserved this

The outcome of spending day and night,
With him under the same roof,
For the longest time of my life,
This period of black days-
Caused by a small virus,
Brought out the violent devil in him.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE was the name given to it, many men, many women, but the victim always a woman, Will the tables ever turn?

Image source: Pexels

Kavitha is based in Hyderabad, India, a Civil Engineer with a Masters in Environmental Science

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