Kavitha Yarlagadda

Kavitha is based in Hyderabad, India, a Civil Engineer with a Masters in Environmental Science by profession. Love for writing made her take up writing for the past fifteen years. She has published her first e-book of poetry collection "Profound Thoughts" last year and recently released her second book of short stories "When You Can, Why Not?". Apart from being a contributing writer at a couple of online forums, she loves writing essays, poetry and short stories. She is a freelance writer, author, journalist, editor with 15 years of experience in writing. She is currently working as an independent writer for Indian and international publications.

Voice of Kavitha Yarlagadda

world water day
The Invincible; The Essential: World Water Day

Water is essential for life as we know it; yet we do not respect it. We misuse it in daily life, and also pollute it with impunity. How will we survive?

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Stop Judging Women By Their Age, You Can’t Reduce My Worth To A Number!

I won't slow down or stop doing the things that I enjoy just because I'm getting older, and neither should you!

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Fighting my way through the black and white mazes, only to be pushed back- again and again, into that endless path to nowhere.

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Why Hidden Figures Is An Important Film Today

Hidden Figures is a movie that celebrates women and the gender and racial barriers and divides that they often have to overcome.

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When a DNA test cannot identify the race of a person, when filling a box doesn’t make much sense in identifying our race, then why is skin colour given more importance then the feelings of a person.

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Female Foeticide : The Shameful Reality

The poet has described what a girl child inside the womb of her mother must feel like knowing that she would not be getting a chance to live.

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When You Miss Someone Intently, That Someone Can Feel It

It was only when two little arms went around his neck from behind did he notice getting up with a startle, and much to the joy of the kids, he heaved Saachi high up in the air, making her laugh out excitedly.

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