A Letter To My Late Mother: Thank You For These 5 Lifelong Gifts

This author's letter to her late mother will bring tears to your eyes. Read on and don't forget to share.

This author’s letter to her late mother will bring tears to your eyes. Read on and don’t forget to share.

Dear Mummy,

I’ve only spent the first 8 years of my life with you, but your teachings and values will live with me forever. In them I find the strength and resilience to walk this earth without your physical presence. Therefore, this Mother’s Day, I’d like to express my gratitude for everything you’ve done for me, especially these which have left a profound impression on my life.

You gave me – Books!

Thank you for introducing me to the magical world of books; you gave me companions for a lifetime. I remember how each night, despite being exhausted from your day’s work, you’d dutifully read to me at bedtime. These are my most favourite memories of us. Together we read Chandamama, The Reader’s Digest, Tinkle, Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl or anything you could get your hands on, including the dictionary.

The practice has remained, and I’ve embraced creativity, empathy, imagination, and knowledge with much joy. There is hardly a dull or lonely moment because there is always a book waiting to be explored.

You gave me – meaningful goals

Thank you for pursuing a career; you gave me meaningful goals. It often makes me nervous to think what it must’ve been to be a woman with professional aspirations in the 60s. Did you have to fight too many battles to fulfil your dreams? Or were the odds in your favour? Unfortunately, I’ll never know your story first-hand, but I’m incredibly proud of your achievements.

Please know that I do not take my freedom to work for granted. I recognise that it comes from your hard work which makes it easy for me today. I promise to continue leading by example, in whatever capacity I can, so that your goodness inspires and extends to as many women as possible.

You gave me – an open mind

Thank you for making the brave choice to marry outside your religious community; I grew up with an open mind and greater tolerance. Your courage to break away from the conventional norm is beyond commendable. The stories about your marriage indicate that it was a challenging journey for you. But you got through it; victorious and on your terms!

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You both chose to follow your individual religious pursuits under one roof. You showed that love and humanity supersede any religious tenet. From your experience, I learned that everyone’s religious beliefs are worthy of respect, even if they are different from mine. In today’s times of religious wars and apathy, I couldn’t have asked for a better role model.

You gave me Purpose

Thank you for being a compassionate person; you gave me purpose. I visited your family home recently. An unfamiliar lady walked up to me and asked if I was your daughter? I delightfully replied, “Yes! How did you know?” She said I looked just like you. She blessed me and said she was incredibly grateful to have you in her life. “Your mum taught me to read and write because my parents couldn’t afford to send me to school.” 

Right then, I realised my purpose: Empower and help those in need. Today, your example gives me the tenacity to serve the less fortunate without a vested interest. And when I forget, I remind myself that I’m born to an angel indeed.

And…the gift of experience

Last but by no means the least, thank you for bringing me in this world; you gave me the gift of experience. Being a mum is a selfless act and thankless job. It takes grit, tears, smiles, patience, and a heart of steel to take on this journey. Often, until we are adults or parents ourselves, we don’t realise or appreciate the sacrifices that go with the territory.

You were always the first one to rise and the last one to rest. You looked after the family tirelessly and made it look effortless. Thank you for the cuddles when I was sick or scared. Thank you for leading by example and walking the talk. Life has never been the same without you, but if I could choose all over again, it would be only you, once again.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mummy! I hope to make you proud and honour your memory by living these values with truth and dignity. Until we meet on the other side…

Much love from your beloved daughter.

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