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Deepti Sur

A feline worshiper, beach bum, and book chomper, who loves to eat, write, and travel. I spend my time writing, studying publishing and communication, cuddling my fur children, watching the sunset, and trying to make a living in between all that.

Voice of Deepti Sur

Colourism: Can Celebrities Cure Our Ugly Obsession With Fair Skin?

"It started when I was about seven years old. It was my birthday, and someone at the party said, ‘If she were fair, she would’ve looked beautiful.’"

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mind your language
You ARE What You Speak, So Mind Your Language!

Do you mind your language when you speak? Be aware of the words you use, as these can discriminate without you realizing it!

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A Letter To My Late Mother: Thank You For These 5 Lifelong Gifts

This author's letter to her late mother will bring tears to your eyes. Read on and don't forget to share.

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growing up
“Prioritise Yourself!” 10 Essential Things I’d Have Liked My 16 Year Old Self To Know

Growing up teaches you a whole lot of things, and there are some essentials I would like to tell my 16 year old self, if only I could!

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break stereotypes
Motherless, I Was Brought Up By My Dad, And I Think I Have Turned Out To Be Fine Human Being!

Maybe it is time to break stereotypes like "a mother knows what's best for the child" and that Dad cannot be a good parent.

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6 Steps To Become Positively Assertive & Own Your Choices

This actionable post tells you how to become more assertive, taking baby steps to get there if needed. Start today!

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