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Female Foeticide : The Shameful Reality

Posted: October 22, 2019

I feel drowsy after having my fill of food,

floating around in the womb of water,

dreaming about how I can play around with my friends,

all the girly talks, dressing up for occasions,

stealing glances at that handsome guy,

and the big plans to be a successful career woman,

but all this just seems like a mirage,

my very existence becoming a question,

why do you want to do this, don’t you love me?

I’m your blood, a symbol of your love,

why do you want to crush me even before I enter the world?

I have so many dreams, don’t I have a right to live my dreams?

All this just because I’m a female,

but I am life, I create life, why nip me in the bud?

Image via Pixabay

Kavitha is a Civil Engineer who assists her Architect husband in managing their Architectural and

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