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The #MeToo Movement Taught Me To Raise My Sons Responsibly

Posted: November 28, 2018

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The author writes that a big take away for her from the recent #MeToo movement is that she would focus on raising her sons into responsible human beings, who respect women. This would be her contribution towards creating a world where women would not have to say #MeToo.

These days when I read the newspaper,  and see all the #MeToo stories, I can’t thank my stars enough that I have had a very secure life. I really feel very sad to read all those stories. I can’t even imagine the pain they have gone through. That said, I also feel sorry for the men who have been falsely accused. I believe in ‘ innocent until proven guilty’.

I know the numbers are growing at an alarming rate. I know that , as women, we all are with the victims. Talking about that doesn’t solve the problem. There are courts to decide and punish the accused. But, I know that all of us want to do something about it.

I have been thinking how I can help, how each one of us can help.

When the babies come into this world, they are all equal. They come without any bias or prejudices. Apart from the physical differences, for which we cannot do anything. Actually, we can be thankful that they are born different, cannot imagine the world with only one gender.

So, when babies come without any bias, how do they grow up to become the oppressor, or the oppressed?

They become one of these because of what they see, what they are taught.

So if all the mothers, teach the children that they are equal, that they should respect each other, that each of them have their own way of contributing to the family and the society, wouldn’t it be wonderful?

This cannot happen if one or two or a few moms do it. It will only become a reality if each one of us do it. The dads too should come forward. Then maybe the whole family as a unit can bring about this change.

So, moms, I am starting a different ‘Me too’ movement. I am going to teach my sons, how both boys and girls are equal in every respect. I will teach them to treat the opposite sex with respect and dignity.

Who else is with me?


Image Source: Pexels

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