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I Wish I Would Be 20 Again But Don’t Want To Go Back To When I Was 20

Posted: June 6, 2020

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The person I am today is definitely not what I envisaged when I was 20. I don’t think I would become anything different even I get a chance to be 20 again.

“Mom, what would you do if you woke up as your 20 year old self? ” asked my son.

I replied ” I would go back to sleep”.

He was taken aback. He said ” Now , can you please explain”.

I told him ” I would not want to wake up as my 20 year old self, but I would definitely want to be 20 year old of the present times”

He laughed and said ” I know where this conversation is going, you think we have everything compared to you ” .

I said ,” No, it’s not that. If I wake up as my 20 year old self, I would do everything in the same way as I did, because everyone around me would be the same, the circumstances would be the same.”

The 20s Are Beautiful

The 20’s are beautiful, trying to be an adult, but not able to completely give up on being a child. You make mistakes, you fail, you have many triumphs.

The 20’s are the foundation, or you could say , the 20’s determine what you future looks like.

I would love to be 20 now because the 20 year olds now are not the always fretting, overstressed woman.

They are optimistic , ambitious and are determined to enjoy a more well – rounded life.

They are supremely confident and that confidence spills over in everything they do.

More Confidence Now

I remember using my Accounts ledger as a shield while on my way, to and from college,to protect my self from unwanted touch. This, after covering myself from top to bottom.
I really wish I had a little bit of the confidence these girls have when they just run marathons in sports bras.

That confidence of being comfortable with their bodies is what I think we missed when we were 20. Or maybe it was so well ingrained into our minds that we did not think otherwise.

They can call out and shame any person who is cheesy while we thought it was our mistake if we got male attention of any sort.

The 20 year olds now are not stuck in the only two or three career choices which the society thought was good for women.

They choose among the varied options and don’t hesitate to change course if they feel it’s not working out.

They take time to travel more and see new things while we never ventured out alone. How I wish I had the chance to go to a trip with my besties.

They are definitely not that kind who think marriage is the only destination. Men and marriage are just a part of life for them and not indispensable. But that doesn’t mean they just end their marriage for no reason. They make the right choice in the first place and God forbid if something goes wrong, they know how to move on.

I love their confidence when they post pictures of themselves on their social media accounts and make their profiles public. They are not worried about getting trolled . They have the courage to pull out the person who is trying to defame and shame him or her. While we used to cringe if someone even said our name or spoke about us in unsavory manner.

Even ,now when I have a almost 20 year old child, I am not comfortable posting personal pictures, that’s how much our mind has been tuned.

They Are Relaxed

I love the way they have fun for no reason.
They have mastered the art of doing what they love and making money out of it.

The person I am today is definitely not what I envisaged when I was 20. I don’t think I would become anything different even I get a chance to be 20 again, because everything else would be the same.

So, I would definitely want to be 20 years old again, but not go back to when I was 20.

Some people may call it a sense of entitlement but what would I not give to be entitled in such a way.

P.S: I would want to behave like a 20 year old of the present times for a day and announce that it is my birthday today and the conversation about being 20 , started because of this reason.

I would never announce ,if I was my 20 year old self.

First published here.

Image Via Pexels

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