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Smriti Irani Is Being Applauded On Her Instagram Post Supporting The Thappad Trailer

Posted: February 11, 2020

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Taapsee Pannu’s new movie’s trailer was released recently and was lauded for the way it deals with domestic violence. The latest person to praise it was Smriti Irani. Here’s what she had to say.

How many have heard “aurat ko hi adjust karna padta hai?” (a woman is the only one who has to adjust) How many think, “ki maar pitai sift gareeb auroton ke hi pati karte hain?” (only poor women are the ones whose husbands beat them up) How many believe “ki educated aadmi kabhi haath nai uthata?” (educated men don’t hit their wives) How many tell their girls, their daughters-in-law, “koi baat nahi beta, aisa humare saath bhi hua lekin dekho aaj kitne khush hai?” (Just let it go, child. We have also gone through the same but look how happy we are today)

After watching the trailer of upcoming Bollywood movie Thappad, this is what Smriti Irani wrote on her Instagram. She also added that she may not have the same ideologies as the movie makers or some of the actors. However, she does plan to watch the movie as she completely agrees with its tagline- ‘It’s not just a slap.’

Wasn’t she right?

Before talking about her take on the movie, I want to mention that I find it extremely endearing that despite her position and tough exteriors, she is just like us. Just a couple months ago, she posted her son’s class 12th results- like a mother’s pride similar to all of ours.

Even with her busy schedule as a minister, I find it inspiring that she has the time to watch trailers and gives her opinions on them. In fact, that’s what inspired me to write this article.

Isn’t what she said true? Don’t we believe that only the men from poor families hit their wives? It is quite shameful that we don’t even bat an eyelid when the maid comes in and say that her husband hit her. Don’t we just nod our heads when she says something like, ‘kya karein didi, aurat ko hi adjust karna padta hai!’ (what can be done? Women will always have to adjust)

We all probably have a friend who is in an abusive relationship and we talk of her in hushed tones not even daring to speak out loud like the maid. Don’t our mothers and aunts and grandmother tell us that despite the abuse they have gone through they are happy? Do they not realise that the horrible men have ‘mellowed down’ because as they grow old, they need the woman more?

It’s not just a slap!

While watching the trailer, what really stirred me was the moment when Taapsee says that she wasn’t taking note of a lot of things. She says she was just adjusting. Most women just stay and ignore several things because the abuse isn’t physical. In the trailer, Taapsee realises after the slap that the relationship wasn’t what she actually thought it was.

Now I know a slap is not enough grounds for a divorce in this country where marital rape is still considered okay. I am just happy that this movie is being made in the times when movies like Arjun Reddy makes kids believe that a slap is an expression of love.

It’s important that every woman and every girl understands that domestic violence is a crime and we need to empower each other to tackle it. I hope everyone watches the movie and that it lives up to the expectations we have from it.

Because, ‘it is not just a slap. Nahi maar sakta.‘ (You just can’t hit)

I am waiting for this movie quite eagerly. How about you all?

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