Trailer Of Taapsee Pannu’s New Movie ‘Thappad’ Tells Us Exactly Why We Need To Talk About Domestic Violence

Tapsee Pannu's new movie Thappad's trailer was released earlier today. A trailer with a thousand emotions, here's what we feel about it!

“Just one slap…. But you cannot hit me,” says Taapsee Pannu in her new movie Thappad. A trailer with a thousand emotions, here’s what we feel about it!

The trailer for Taapsee Pannu and Anubhav Sinha’s new movie Thappad was released earlier on Friday. After watching the trailer, I felt like the things we often brush under the rug by talking about it nonchalantly can be the trigger to start domestic violence.

Yesterday, the poster for the movie came out and you can Taapsee’s face looking like that of someone being slapped. I was curious what a Bollywood movie with a name like this could mean. However, after watching the trailer, I realised just how powerful it was.

The movie is about a happily married couple who love each other and swear that they will stay with each other forever. But something happens that pushes their boundaries so much they stand on the edge of getting divorced – A slap. At a party, the husband raises his hand on his wife after a fight.

It was just a slap, but was it?

The society, like always would say it’s a small matter. It was just a slap after all it could’ve been forgiven and forgotten, this happens sometimes when a person is angry and it should be forgiven. Right? That is exactly how one would talk. But ask the woman whose husband hasn’t hit her face but her self esteem. Would that husband have forgiven her if she did the same to him in public?

Our society would say – look at that woman who is hitting her husband, she has humiliated him in public, she is shameless. That is what happens, what we are taught and some of us also participate in thinking these regressive thoughts. Ask yourself once if you have and its not surprising if your answer is yes because that is what our society teaches us.

How long can you let it go?

In the movie both Taapsee’s mother and her mother-in -law tell her, “Let it go, a woman should learn to adjust.” Wow, such thoughts!

Relationships are fragile but why is it the woman’s responsibility to hold it together? It is acceptable for a woman to get hit by her husband. Her friends, her family and relatives will convince her to forgive him rather than support her. After listening to it all even the wife starts doubting herself.

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But she knows that even though she is alone, she is right to fight it. When she asked to give him another chance she says, “You invested so many emotions into your company and you couldn’t control yourself, I invested my whole life on you. How do I move on from this? I don’t love you.”

But I agree with Taapsee’s character “His first slap didn’t land but that slap reminded me of the things that I was trying to put behind me as normal when they weren’t.” The wrong can’t be right for someone else, it can only be wrong.

Kabir Singh Vs. Thappad

Just a few months ago, Kabir Singh ruled the Box Office. Now this can be seen as the anti- Thappad. In the movie, even when the guy hits his girlfriend, she doesn’t take it seriously and goes back to him in the end.

The director, made a controversial statement, “When you love a woman really deeply and you don’t even have the freedom to hit her then I don’t feel like your relationship isn’t as deep. A slap is sometimes an expression of your love.”

His statement was backed up by many people who believed that it was just a movie. While others criticised his stance saying people are inspired by such movies to do the things that they normally don’t.

Your opinions can be on any side of this but everyone’s self esteem comes first for them. If a relationship doesn’t understand your importance then you shouldn’t give it as much importance either.

Yes, its one slap… but you can’t hit me.

The movie releases on February 28th but meanwhile, you can watch the trailer here.

The post was originally written in Hindi and translated by Yugantika. You can read the Hindi post here.

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