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Gulabo Sitabo Is Like A Biryani Which Tastes Good Because Of Excellent Ingredients Well Put Together

Posted: June 28, 2020

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Gulabo Sitabo. The Awadhi mannerisms, the language, the stares, everything is spot on! Scene after scene you are left for asking more.

Some movies make you feel you are not alone in the world and that other people have felt the same emotions you are feeling. Some other times, a movie makes you experience a world where the actions of the characters seem to speak to something distinctly familiar even though the world they inhabit is quite different from our own.

Gulabo Sitabo has brought out both the emotions in me at the same time. I wanted to watch this movie at leisure without any disturbance like the sweet you love should be devoured slowly. I knew I would love this movie because it is from the same team who gave us Piku.

Attention to detail

I assumed that Gulabo Sitabo were the names given to the characters played by Amitabh Bachchan and Ayushmann Khurrana but I was wrong. It was a nice way to open the story with the puppet show which shows us the constant bickering of the puppets and relate it to the movie.

It was sheer delight to watch Amitabh Bachchan pull off something like this.
Hunched and mumbling, his famous face hidden behind a bushy beard and a hawklike prosthetic nose, was a very good idea and attention to detail. Amitabh Bachchan with his height and face would not have looked like the frail, feeble, and cunning Mirza. So the nose and the hunch was bang on. He proves it again that he is called a legend for a reason.

The Awadhi mannerisms, the language, the stares everything is spot on! Scene after scene you are left for asking more.

Ayushmann Khurrana does it again. He has mastered the art of choosing the right script. It must have been a child’s play for him because the role is so much like all the roles he has been playing. This time he adds a slight lisp which brings out some freshness.

A familiar lifestyle that resonated

The women in the movie are so relatable. They are all so real. I knew so many families as a child, while growing up in Hyderabad which can be compared to Lucknow in terms of the Nawabi culture, where people lived together in rented houses with a common toilet. The women were very smart and could make the most intelligent men look like fools.

I knew of the fights between the landlord and tenant. How they never got resolved. How the middle men and lawyers made money, fleecing both the parties.

Just like in the movie, everyone knew everyone in the area you lived. It gave a sense of security which our children will never know about.

The characters – great by themselves, great together

Gulabo Sitabo is not focussed only the two main characters. Each character is important for the movie. It is like Biryani which can only taste good because of all the ingredients.

I loved the Begum. Her love for life is so infectious. I loved it that she asks Mirza not to show his face and then she gives him a candy in another scene. She is the smartest of all.

Mirza only loves the Haveli and he can do anything for it but I also saw a little bit of vulnerability in him. He is scared of Bankey but never shows it.

Bankey, who lives in the Haveli paying a rent of 30/- with his mother and sisters shows his helplessness. He wishes to have a better life but doesn’t know how to go about to get there. His male ego doesn’t allow him to listen to his sister who is smarter than him.

I would have loved a different ending though, instead of the cats and monkey story which we all heard as kids.

Nevertheless, Gulabo Sitabo is a brilliant movie and a must watch.

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