Dear Teachers, Thank You For Your Service – At This Difficult Time & Always

Thank you to all the teachers who are relentlessly working during this difficult time, and enrich us all through our lives!

Thank you to all the teachers who are relentlessly working during this difficult time, and enrich us all through our lives!

“School days are the best. Life, once you step out of your school is not fun , so enjoy yourself”.

Many of us would have heard this, many of us would have said this and all of us who have passed out of school would agree with this.

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The assembly, the classroom, the books, the tests, the discipline, the home work – every thing we resented when we were in school is what we miss when we grow up. But, each one of us will carry a little bit of our school in ourselves. It can be the fond memories of our friends or the innumerable lessons we have learnt from our teachers. When I say lessons, I am not talking about the subjects we learn at school. There is so much more we learn.

Some teachers really make an everlasting impression on us. You don’t even realise that you are emulating them. They become a part of you.

I remember, as a child, my favourite pastime was to drape my mom’s saree (just tie it around) and act like my teacher every day at home. The door became my blackboard.

Everyone who came home would ask me to talk like my teacher. My younger cousins became my students and when they refused to play along, the empty chairs became the students.

Most of us would have gone through that phase. But what I realised recently is, we do carry a little bit of our teachers in us always.

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I realised that sometimes the words I use, the way I use them, or the way I stress on some words, the way I present myself when I want to talk to kids – all of these are just how my teachers did them.

I also realised that the student in us is always there, however old you are.
I found this out very recently. Now that our kids are having online classes, I also listen to the teachers teaching and imparting knowledge. Sometimes, when they ask a question, I also like to answer them like an eager child! I don’t do it to help my child, but I think it is the child in me who misses her school.

Of course, my son has huge problem with my antics and I have to curtail my enthusiasm.

But luckily for me, I had the opportunity to attend an online workshop recently. I say luckily, because it was difficult for me to go back to learning with so many other commitments. But due to Covid, when most learning started happening online, I jumped to seize the opportunity.

I got a chance to become a student again. I can’t thank my stars enough because what I learnt in the workshop was not just skills but much more. As a mother to a 19 year old child, I never thought someone could alter my thoughts about anything. I thought life has taught me enough with all the experiences I have had, but I was wrong and how!

I learnt so much about myself and I also realised you can never stop learning.

The teachers do shape our thoughts, both positively and negatively. I am lucky to have only good memories of my teachers.

I take this opportunity to thank all the teachers who are relentlessly working during this difficult time, learning new skills and technology, and helping the kids learn and have a normal school life online too, as normal as it can be.

I know it is very difficult for the teachers, especially because of the parents who are always hovering around the child. You are doing your work with the same passion and enthusiasm and making it comfortable for the kids while I know it must be really challenging for you.

I have seen some videos where the teachers are trying out different ideas and do not hesitate to go to any lengths to make it a comfortable learning experience for the kids.

You are the architects of our future. You shape the minds of our future and you all are doing a great job.
Your efforts are recognised and I express our heartfelt gratitude for all your efforts.

I want to tell all the kids, please enjoy every moment at school, the best part of your lives!

Happy Teacher’s Day to all the great teachers out there!

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