Yes I Prefer Watching Khichdi Over Four More Shots; Why Should You Judge Me For That?

Someone said to me, "What! You watch Khichdi? How can you watch something so irrational when there are so many wonderful web series streaming?" Here's my answer.

Someone said to me, “What! You watch Khichdi? How can you watch something so irrational when there are so many wonderful web series streaming?” Here’s my answer.

Most of us, irrespective of our gender, would have been judged in our life for many reasons. It could have been because of the way we look, the way we dress, the person we choose to marry, the choice of our career… and the list is endless.

Most of us would have also realised how insignificant these judgements are in the scheme of life.

Watching Khichdi with my son

So I never thought that I would pen down my thoughts about a judgement that was made about me very recently, when I was watching the popular series ‘Khichdi‘ with my son.

We have finished watching the Mahabharata, Young Sheldon and all the shows and movies which I thought he would be interested in, and which I thought was appropriate for him.

I could have watched the old Doordarshan serials, but I know he would not relate to them because the times have changed. I would have loved watching all the shows like Wagle ki Duniya, Office Office, Ados Pados, Ye Jo Hai Zindagi. I tried with one episode of Ye Jo Hai Zindagi, but I could see that he was not able to relate to that comedy. We watched Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma too. We have watched Sarabhai twice.

You must have already understood that we are watching so much television because we are staying at home.

Not ‘cool’ enough?!

Coming back to my observation about judgements, someone who is very close to me said, “What! You watch Khichdi? How can you watch something so irrational when there are so many wonderful web series streaming? I thought you had much more intellect.”

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I just smiled and walked away without any explanation. I have come to a stage where I don’t explain anymore. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about her observation.

I could never imagine people think it needs intellect to watch the current web series streaming. On the contrary, I feel you need no brain at all.

My issues with some current web series

They all almost have the same plot. They are all dark. The stories are always about revenge, about wronged women who become superwoman and vanquish their tormentor. Or it is about a smart thief who can outsmart the most intelligent cop.

Most web series are about the young generation of men and women who think only about themselves, and interestingly the women who play these bold characters are always shown tattooed, with strange hair and makeup.
When I actually look at any girl with tattoo, I immediately think of the girls in the web series.

I know that the film makers claim that they show what is happening in society. But is this all that is happening? A woman is liberated only if she doesn’t hide her sexuality or desires? A woman can be termed independent and forward thinking if she drinks and smokes and has consensual sex with multiple partners?

Why is it always about revenge? Why can’t the woman be shown as someone who is strong from the beginning, someone like Kavita Chaudhary in Shekar Kapur’s Udaan? Why does she turn the avenging goddess after someone does something wrong which is shown with vivid details on screen? I would any day prefer a Karamchand, a Sherlock Holmes or Byomkesh Bakshi to the Family Man or 24.

I know the makers make a lot of money because this is what everyone watches.

I prefer watching movies like Gulabo Sitabo, Piku, Hera Pheri because I can relate to them. They show the society I live in. I watch Khichdi and Tarak Mehta because they don’t leave a bad taste in my mouth. I laugh at the nonsense but still relate a lot to them, because there is so much of the real society in them. Agree, you don’t need your brain but who cares as long as you can laugh out loud especially during these times!

I will not say “Don’t judge me because I watch Khichdi” because I would rather be called a realist than an intellectual, if my intelligence is measured by the serials I watch.

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