To My Brother, With Love On #BrotherAndSisterDay

It was #BrotherAndSisterDay on May 2nd. Here are some of my thoughts and memories on the occasion.

It was #BrotherAndSisterDay on May 2nd. Here are some of my thoughts and memories on the occasion.

I am from a generation who only knew about the festival of Rakhi, as the brother and sister day. But, I am so happy that there is one more day dedicated to the most beautiful relation.

So my dear brother, this is for you.

When we were small, you would always follow me everywhere. I was the protective elder sister. Then you became my friend. We fought for the most silly reasons like all siblings do(I think we still fight for the most silly reasons and I am glad we do) but we always had each other’s back.

I always had a grudge that you were mom’s favorite and could get away with murder. You took advantage of being the youngest in the family and saw that everything happened as you liked.

I remember, how we always protected each other when mom was upset because we were fighting like cats and dogs. She used to be exasperated with our behavior. I think she still is, because nothing has changed.

Even when we were fighting with each other, we would always be a team if someone was fighting with either one of us.

Whenever I visit you now, you always get the sweets I like, you are always thinking about my comfort, I can’t believe that you are the same guy who would finish his share of delectable goodies and finish half of mine too.

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I really can’t believe that, the boy who I thought was the most irresponsible turned out to be the most supportive, the best friend, the confidant. The boy who was holding my hand for support became my support. I really appreciate the way you are trying to step into dad’s s shoes and trying to take care of me, just like how he would, if he was here.

I know we still agree to disagree with everything, I know we still say things to each other which we should not be saying, I know no matter how old we become, we will still revert to our childhood when we are together.

But I also know, deep in my heart that, we are there for each other, no matter what.

There is love like a brother’s love, there is no buddy like a brother.

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