Nothing Really Great In Being The Best Mom To Our Kids; Can You Become The Best Mother In Law?

I have always thought that there is a mother in everyone who is a woman, whether she has given birth or no. But can everyone become a good mother in law?

I have always thought that there is a mother in everyone who is a woman, whether she has given birth or no. But can everyone become a good mother in law?

It was a beautiful cloudy day in Hyderabad. As if the Sun god had decided to give a break to all the mothers who were working profusely due to the lockdown in the summer heat. Maybe, this was him wishing us on Mother’s day.

WhatsApp was buzzing again with wishes, and mad celebrities have shared pictures of their mothers on their Instagram stories.

Twinkle Khanna as usual, in her usual style, posted about how badass a mom she is. I don’t know how long she will go about saying the same thing.

Being a good mother, yes, but…

I have always heard so many things about my obsession with being a good mother to my kids. But two days ago, a very good friend of mine said something which actually hit me hard.

She said, “There is nothing great in being the best mom to our kids, can you become the best mother in law?” She continued, “considering how close you are to your son, can you really make place for someone else, who is going to be equally important if not more, to your son?”

I said, “Yes, I will.” She just laughed and said, “I can feel the tremble in your voice.”

I want to be a good mother in law

I really want to be the best mother in law. I was thinking about how I would behave, and would my daughter in law love me just like she loves her mother?

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I was imagining my future and all the images in my mind were blurred, but I could see one image very clearly. Maya Sarabhai.

Yes, I want to be a mother in law like Maya Sarabhai.

Why Maya Sarabhai?

I love my sons just like she loves her sons, to the point of obsession.

She may be sarcastic, always criticizing, but deep down she loves her daughter in law. She may look interfering but she knows where to draw the line.

She knows that her son had his own life, and she gives him that space. I love that she lets her son to get married to someone of his choice.

She knows how to enjoy her life and not be a dominating, interfering mother in law. But she is always there whenever her kids need her, even after their wedding.

She may look like that rich, savage south Mumbaikar, but there is a soft side to her too.

Inspite of being a very obsessed, controlling mother, who always tries to hold her child’s hand, she knows when to give in.

Yes, I would love to be like her. And yes I will be the best mother in law just like I am the best mom.

And will beam with pride when my daughter in law will share a picture of mine in her stories.

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