Twinkle Khanna’s Badass Mother’s Day Video Got Me Making This 1 Wish For Moms

In response to Twinkle Khanna's desire for a Mother's Day free of all responsibilities, here's wishing for less worry and more trust - for all moms.

In response to Twinkle Khanna’s desire for a Mother’s Day free of all responsibilities, here’s wishing for less worry and more trust – for all moms.

Twinkle Khanna a.k.a Mrs Funny Bones tickled us again this Mother’s Day with a badass video on what mothers really want on their special day. In her typical style she rolled her eyes at the one thousand questions moms are asked daily. And wished that just once, her kids would call her Aunty, and let her feel free of all responsibilities.

But I grew up with ‘Hum Panch’ and Santoor soap ads. So obviously being, called Mummy is a reminder of how young I look! (And please, “Aunty mat kaho na!”)

So here is what I thought of wishing for Twinkle Khanna, myself and all other moms.

I wish that we can worry less, and trust more. Every time my kid asks me, “Can I watch one more episode?”, does it have to trigger anxieties about intellectual impairment, obesity, loss of eyesight and professional failure in the future? When the kids ask for Maggi for dinner, do we have to start a slideshow in our head of leafy greens, organic sprouts and multigrain rotis that we ought to be feeding them instead? If the kid is looking sad or heartbroken, must we go down the rabbit hole of guilt at being a bad mom?

So my recipe for a great Mothers Day is that we carry our mothering responsibilities more lightly. Hopefully we can see that our kids are not carefully pruned bonsais needing calibrated experiences. They are wild flowers who will reach their full potential even if we take a few bad decisions.

Children, it seems, are nature’s favourites. And it is possible to feel free of responsibilities, even as they call us Mummy. We just have to keep our guilt and anxieties from getting in the way.


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Top image courtesy Twinkle Khanna’s Instagram

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