23 Maggi Recipes So You Never Run Out Of Easy Cooking Ideas During This Lockdown

These easy Maggi recipes will come to your rescue, especially since we're all locked down and cooking can be a slog. Try them and thank us later!

These easy Maggi recipes will come to your rescue, especially since we’re all locked down and cooking can be a slog. Try them and thank us later!

With the 21 day lockdown for the Corona Virus in full swing, preparing complex recipes every day is not exactly a welcome thought for most of us.

In these times if anyone asks you what is a delicious snack you can make in a few minutes easily, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Well, for me, it’s Maggi!

These instant noodles have become a household name and everybody knows how to make it – because it is so easy. Just saying the word brings back many memories, be it those of eating Maggi in the school with friends or in hostels, or of mom making it at home or even making and eating it all by yourself!

What if I told you that you can create different styles and dishes using these Maggi recipes, so as to spice up this lockdown and make life easier for yourself?

The following recipes for Maggi will let you experiment and bring out the chef within you, even if you can’t otherwise cook!

Fried Maggi

To twist the usual taste of Maggi, try the fried Maggi made by Too Yummy  recipes. Vegetables like onion, capsicum, green chilli, along with egg, black pepper, salt and chilli flakes are fried in oil, soya sauce and tomato sauce. The result is a fiery, delicious dish. This is easy to make and can be prepared in few minutes. Check out the video and try out this new Maggi recipe.


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Tadka Maggi

The usual taste of Maggi can be enhanced by adding a little Tadka to it and creating the Tadka Maggi. This recipe has been created by the Living Foodz channel. In this recipe garlic, tomato, green chilli, ginger, onion, red chilli powder, cumin powder and coriander powder, turmeric and salt are sautéed together, then water and Maggi are added. This gives a different flavour to Maggi. All these ingredients are usually easily available in the kitchen and you can add all these to create a new taste to your Maggi.

Recipe video below!


Crunchy Maggi

Crunchy Maggi is a unique recipe made by Fusion fry. In this, the Maggi is deep fried until it turns golden and then crushed into small pieces. Puffed rice and the tastemaker are then added with assorted vegetables, then it is mixed. Tomato and tabasco sauce are finally added and mixed well. This can then be immediately served as snacks.

Here’s the Crunchy Maggi recipe by Fusion Fry.


Tandoori Chicken Maggi

Maggi can be also prepared in such a way that it satisfies the tastes of the meat lovers too. Tandoori Chicken Maggi is a dish which you will enjoy.

In a bowl, add curd, ginger garlic paste, red chilli, coriander powder, cumin powder, dry Mango powder, garam masala, salt, black pepper, gram flour, fenugreek leaves and mustard oil are mixed and chicken breast are placed together and mixed. The chicken breast coated with spices is then cooked. Assorted vegetables and Maggi are cooked and the Chicken pieces are added to it and cooked well. The Tandoori Chicken Maggi is prepared. Here’s the recipe for Tandoori Chicken Maggi by Yum.


Maggi Noodles Cutlet

Cutlets are stuffed snacks usually pan-fried or deep-fried with fillings ranging from vegetables to chicken. To add a little twist to your usual cutlets and Maggi, try this recipe of Maggi Noodles Cutlet by Hebbar’s Kitchen. This snacks can be made by mixing Maggi, mashed Potatoes and sweet Corn and creating this tasty party snack.

Here’s the recipe of Maggi Noodles Cutlet by Hebbar’s Kitchen.


Maggi Omelette

Omelette is ideal for breakfast as well as snacks and is very easy to make. Maggi Omelette combines two of your beloved treats and creates a delicious snack. Maggi and omelette are separately made and then Maggi is put on the Omelette, and then moulded into a sandwich like structure. This forms the Maggi Omelette!

Check out this new Maggi recipe  by Toasted.


Maggi Manchurian

A dry Manchurian ball filled with Maggi is a good snack recipe.  In this recipe, after boiling the Maggi, it is poured into a bowl where assorted vegetables and masalas are added to it and a mixture is formed. This is then formed into ball like structure and deep-fried . Assorted vegetables are fried and placed together with the Manchurian in addition.

Here’s Maggi Manchurian created by Yum.


Egg Maggi

Egg Maggi recipe has been made by Harshi’s Kitchen. In this recipe scrambled egg fry is added to your beloved Maggi along with assorted vegetables to create a unique and different Maggi. This recipe can be made in a short time and adds a little twist to the usual taste of the Maggi.

Here’s Egg Maggi recipe  by Harshi’s Kitchen.


Mumbai Street Style Veg Masala Maggi

The Mumbai Street Style Veg Masala Maggi is created by The Terrace Kitchen. With this recipe you can create a street styled delicious Maggi in your home.

Assorted vegetables including Potato are fried with Chilli powder, turmeric powder and Maggi masala and are then added to the Maggi. This gives a new flavour to the old Maggi.

Here’s the recipe for Mumbai Street Style Veg Masala Maggi recipe by The Terrace Kitchen.


Spicy Garlic Masala Maggi

Spicy Garlic Masala Maggi is created by Sauté With Love. The creator of this this recipe fondly recollects it as her version of the hostel wali Maggi. Assorted vegetables like onion, garlic and green chilli are mixed into the Maggi with Maggi masala, red pepper, black pepper powder and a pinch of Salt. All of these simple steps create the Spicy Garlic Masala Maggi. This is very easy to make and with ingredients easily available in your home.

Check this recipe out.


Cheese Maggi

A very simple twist to the beloved Masala Maggi is adding cheese to it. This Maggi recipe has been made by The Terrace Kitchen.

Assorted vegetables are fried and then mixed into the Maggi as it boils and then a cheese slice is added to the Maggi giving it a cheesy tinge. Thus, in a few easy steps a new and exciting variety of Maggi is ready to be savoured.

Try this out today.


Creamy Cuppa Maggi

Creamy Cuppa Maggi has been created by  Yum. Butter and all purpose flour are mixed and then milk is added and stirred well. Salt, oregano, chilli flakes, bell pepper, and other veggies are cooked on medium fry.

Prepared Maggi is added to this and Mozzarella Cheese is added as garnishing. The Maggi and the sauce are added layer by layer in a cup and Mozzarella is added on the top. This is then microwaved for a minute and Creamy Cuppa Maggi is ready to be served.

Here’s the recipe for Creamy Cuppa Maggi by Yum.


Masala Paneer Maggi

Masala Paneer Maggi has been created by CheezzKitchen. In this Maggi and its taste maker are cooked in the water, assorted vegetables are put into it along with red chilli powder, salt and a pinch of sugar. Paneer is cut into cubes, stirred-fried and is put into the Maggi.  This is an easy to create recipe and shows how the addition of one ingredient totally changes the taste of the Maggi recipe.

Here’s the Masala Paneer Maggi by CheezzKitchen.


Maggi Sandwich

To recreate this Maggi Sandwich recipe created by Yum, you will need to fry onion with cumin powder, turmeric powder, bell pepper and carrots until it is cooked well. Maggi, tastemaker and water are added and it is cooked until the water gets absorbed.

A bread slice is taken, tomato ketchup is applied to it and the prepared Maggi is added as a stuffing on it. Grated cheese is put and another bread slice formed the sandwich which is then put in a grill and cooked.

Maggi Sandwich is ready to be consumed! Try this out today.


Spicy Chilli Maggi

Spicy Chilli Maggi is the best Maggi recipe for people who love extra hot food. This recipe has been created by the HungryForever Food Blog. Assorted vegetables like Garlic, onion green chilli, capsicum are sautéed and then vinegar, soya sauce and Tomato sauce is added.

Salt, chilli powder and pepper are added, and then this is cooked with the Maggi and tastemaker. This gives a fiery spicy taste. In this way the new and spicy variant of Maggi is created.

This is ideal for all of you who love spicy food. Try this out today.


Maggi Burger

Maggi Burger recipe too has been prepared by Yum. This dish is prepared using Chicken at its core. Assorted vegetables like garlic, onion, green chilli with Black pepper and salt added to it. This has to be marinated for a little while.

In a different bowl egg, Maggi, salt and pepper are mixed. A round shaped mould has to be placed in the pan and the Maggi mixture needs to be put in it and cooked. Chicken mixture is prepared in a round mould, shaped and fried. In the cooked Maggi bun, some lettuce is placed then cooked Chicken and ketchup is added and another Maggi bun finishes the Maggi Burger.

Try this recipe out today. https://youtu.be/rhdtkk-cQto

Dry Maggi

This dry Maggi recipe has been prepared by Chef Aadil Hussain as part of his Easy Cookbook. This is an easy, homemade yet restaurant like Maggi preparation. Maggi is boiled in water without any masala and the excess water is then removed. Assorted vegetables like onion, cabbage, red and yellow capsicum are then sautéed. Then the dry Maggi is cooked along with this mixture and the new and exciting Maggi is prepared.

Check this different Maggi recipe out today. https://youtu.be/pBJ2wZOz1AU

Maggi Bhel

For this Maggi Bhel recipe suggested by Gooble, Maggi is crushed while in its packet. This crumbled Maggi is then dry fried in the pan until it becomes golden brownish. In another bowl, tastemaker, tomato ketchup and assorted vegetables are mixed well, and then the roasted Maggi is also mixed in it to prepare a Bhel. Thus the Maggi Bhel is prepared easily in your home.

Here’s the Recipe of Maggi Bhel by Gooble.


Maggi Pakora

Pakora is the go-to Indian snack and can be consumed at any time of the day! This Maggi Pakora recipe comes to you from Toasted. Maggi is boiled in the water and then the water is drained. Assorted vegetables, gram flour (besan) and Masala are mixed together properly along with the Maggi. Small balls are then formed which are deep-fried in a pan. The Maggi Pakora is formed.

Check it out.


Egg Maggi Roll

In this Egg Maggi Roll recipe by Yum, assorted vegetables, salt and red chilli powder are mixed together and fried in a pan on medium heat. Maggi, tastemaker, cheese and water are added to this and it is cooked well.  Separately, an omelette is made. Inside the omelette, the prepared maggi with veggies is place and the roll is formed.

Here’s the recipe for Egg Maggi Roll, watch!


Cheesy Maggi Noodles Bread Pockets

The Cheesy Maggi Noodles Bread Pockets has been created by Sritha’s Kitchen. This is a scrumptious snack where Maggi, Peas and Carrots are boiled in the water and then tastemaker is added and cooked well. The edges of the a bread slice are removed and it is flattened so as to look like a sheet. The Maggi is stuffed along with grated cheese in the sheet and another sheet is placed above to make it like a pocket. These are then deep-fried and the bread pockets are created.

Here’s the recipe for Cheesy Maggi Noodles Bread pockets.


Maggi Momo

A popular street food now that is ubiquitous in many Indian cities, this Maggi momo recipe by Yum is surely creative! All purpose flour (maida), oil and salt are mixed and a dough is formed. Assorted vegetables are cooked with Maggi. Ketchup, vinegar, soya sauce and chilli sauce are added to it and cooked well. The dough is then flattened and the Maggi stuffing is stuffed in it and a ball like structure is formed. This is then steamed for about ten minutes. Maggi Momo is ready to be consumed.

Find the recipe here!


Maggi Pizza

Maggi pizza is a fusion of two beloved dishes! This recipe has been created by Ondia’s kitchen. Maggi is boiled in the water with tastemaker. After the Maggi is prepared, it is made into a circular structure and then fried in a pan. Tomato sauce, grated cabbage, grated carrots, capsicum, salt and cheese are put on top of it and then it is left to be cooked for two minutes. The Maggi pizza is ready, you can add more grated Cheese garnishing to it. This Maggi recipe doesn’t require any baking.

Check this out today.


With these easy and creative Maggi recipes, I’m sure at least some of your meals need not be a slog in the kitchen! Try them out and keep me posted in the comments as to how it goes!

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