Scared Humans Buy Soap, And Other Corona Insights from Coco The Pup

Small joys and life lessons from Coco a jolly pup.

Small joys and life lessons from Coco a jolly puppy.

Hi! I’m Coco, a golden retriever pup. I love my new human family. Mrs M bakes cookies and Kiddo lets me sleep in his bed. In last few months there have been some strange changes and I want to tell you about them. Talking about things helps. I hope you do that too.

  1. The humans in my house are watching the News. It is the best time for an hour long belly rub. The same scenes keep playing over and over on TV lulls me right to sleep.
  2. I learnt something new! Scared humans buy soap. Mrs M just came back with 15 bottles of cleaners. Yelp, I hope I don’t have to take a bath!
  3. Uh-oh. Kiddo and I have just come back from a walk and Mrs M has been watching the news. Now she will scrub me all over, then scrub the towel, bucket and bathroom. Yikes! I miss earlier days when all I had to do was shake hands to get a treat.
  4. Whoa, what’s this white stuff in the store-room? It’s so huge. Time to investigate. Eww… it’s toilet paper! So toilet paper can be used as walls. Wow, I’m learning something new all the time these days.
  5. Kiddo looks different now. Why has he stuffed a cushion under his teeshirt? Let me get it out. Oh, it is his new belly! 
  6. Oh no, it’s ‘Mahabharat’ time again… I will hide in the bathroom with a good shoe to chew on till its over.
  7. Lesson # 27- Happiness doesn’t last forever. Four days of eating kibbles and cookies, flopped on the bed with air conditioning, as Mrs M and Kiddo watched Panchayat & Hostage. It was so good. But now they keep exercising and even put the fan off!
  8. And…. Happiness is back! I can smell muffins. Yum yum. The road to a pup’s heart? Also through the stomach.
  9. Kiddo is looking more like me, with lots of hair everywhere. Difference is, my hairy face is cute!
  10. This is my favourite time of the day, when Mrs M is on a video call. It’s the funniest! Listen-

‘I think someone’s mic is still on’

‘Mr Dubey dropped off from the call again’

‘Hello? Can you guys hear me?’

When things settle down or become too boring, I start jumping, barking, and wagging my tail to spice it up. I wonder why it upsets Mrs M.

Ok, I’m hungry. Time to make mopey eyes, lick Kiddo’s face and yelp. I’ve trained him now. He will bring me food. How about you, what new things have you learned these days?

Image Credits: Pixabay

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