Garima Gupta

Garima is a psychologist, mind-body wellness coach, holistic weight-loss specialist, and author of many books. She recently won the 2019 International Book Award for her holistic health and happiness book The Body Nirvana: More than just a weight loss book (HarperCollins Publishers). She has deep expertise in the role of the mind in physical health. She coaches clients to be naturally healthy and enjoy meaningful relationships by unleashing the power of their mind. Garima completed advanced program in wellness from UMDNJ, USA. She works closely with academia & is a speaker on domestic and international forums. She is a permanent member of Indian Psychiatric Society & New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology.

Voice of Garima Gupta

A Mom During Lockdown To Her Family: Home Is As Much Your Responsibility, So Get Your Act Together!

We all live in this home and enjoy the comforts. We are all equally responsible for making it a wonderful place to spend our days in.

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Twinkle Khanna’s Badass Mother’s Day Video Got Me Making This 1 Wish For Moms

In response to Twinkle Khanna's desire for a Mother's Day free of all responsibilities, here's wishing for less worry and more trust - for all moms.

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bored housewife
Showering Is Overrated & 19 Other Hilarious Pandemic Lessons From A Bored Housewife

We're all locked into our homes (even if metaphorically) now, and a little humour goes a long way - here are some pandemic lessons from a bored housewife.

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Why I Hate Posts About LEARNING During Lockdown

Let us take cue from the situation and slow down. Why this rush to 'learn' and 'update' oneself? Why can't we just BE for once?

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fat and beautiful
Why The Next #MeToo Crusade Needs To Be About Celebrating Being Fat And Beautiful

I am fat and beautiful, even if I am judged. What matters is that I feel completely comfortable with my body, and that is what I mean to teach my girls too!

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Why Is The Blue Whale Game So Attractive To Our Children? Making Sense Of The Bizarre

Why is the Blue Whale Game so attractive to children, to begin with? What is drawing them to it? Let's find out!

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Fighting Fit – Why ‘Being Fat’ Is Not Actually Such A Horrible Thing

Being 'fat', 'obese' or 'overweight' is not the end of your life. In fact, fat protects you in some ways, and isn't all bad.

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