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9 Things This Mom Wants Freedom From! What’s Your Freedom Wishlist?

If you’re a mom who has a different definition of Freedom like me are being dominated by your little human, give me a high-five! Here's my Freedom Wishlist. 

If you’re a mom who has a different definition of Freedom like me and also feel that your little human whom you produced dominates you all the time, then give me a high-five! Here’s my Freedom Wishlist. 

This Independence Day, I have prepared a list of things, that I as a mother would like to get freedom from:

Judgmental society

I somewhat believe in the saying that it takes a whole village to raise a child. But do they really mean the village that judges a mother at every single point?

You’re a working mom ? Poor kid, her mother is money minded.

Oh! You’re a stay at home mom, she’s lazy enough to step out of home and spend her husband’s money.

Oh, look at the poor child, he’s crying, and his mother is least bothered (for a no-reason toddler tantrum).

The kid is 2 and she’s still breastfeeding her.

And I can share hundreds of taunts this village has. Will I ever get freedom from these?

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Never asked for advice

From the moment I got pregnant and till today, people had a long list of advice which is not only contrasting but confusing. In-laws, friends, neighbours, maids, and also the relatives you hardly ever met before share their invaluable gyaan to you. All I would say is, just listen to your doctor, please.

Momma role 

I want to have some freedom from always being in a Mumma role because I have an other side too, the badass, unapologetic and carefree spirit.

I would like to be free sometime from mumma’s role and switch back to being myself.

Peer pressure

Yes, do you also know the mother of that super smart kid who can climb the monkey bars so easily that too at such a small age when your daughter doesn’t even like to slide?

The super active mumma who always makes you feel that you ain’t fit enough to always run behind your kid in the park and sit lazily on the bench just to watch her play?

I want to be free enough to decide to just sit and do nothing.

Whatsapp groups

If you’re a mom, this is what your whatsapp looks like:

Daycare Kids

Working moms

Society block 1

Society block 2

Society block 3

Kids recipes



Toddlers mom

Infants mom

Independence day celebrations

Birthday guests

And a never ending list follows. Leaving any group out of these, is like asking other members to boycott you. I wonder how did parents in an earlier age survive without whatsapp.

School work and projects

Independence day fancy dress

Fruits fancy dress

Vegetables fancy dress

Poster making

Fireless cooking competition

Best out of waste.

And we spend hours on making stuff which would be thrown in the waste immediately and sometimes nobody cares about. Free mommies from extra school burden please!

Birthday parties

I would like to have a party where only kids are invited and there would be a no gift and return gift policy. I would just like to sit back at home for those two hours when she would be enjoying the party. This would be freedom from formalities.

Mommy competition

Do you give her organic food? Was it normal or caesarean?

What are you going to choose for your kid:

State Board, CBSE, ICSE, Montessori, Waldorf…

Does she use left hand to write or right hand?

Mother tongue or English?

Co-sleeping or sleep training?

Screen time or not?

Oh god…just stop these.

Parenting isn’t easy and this just add up to it.

No payment

Motherhood is worth paying for. A mother is always working. I don’t want to get into calculating how much she should be paid exactly but just respecting her for her efforts by supporting her and not judging her at each level will serve the purpose too.

Share your Freedom Wishlist too!

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