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“Ho Ho Ho” Santa Claus Is Coming

For me Santa Claus will always be a jolly, white bearded gentleman who wears red and has a huge appetite for milk and cookies.

I am writing this as I wait in excitement for my kids to wake up and groggily search under the pillow.

My kids are old enough to understand that I am their Santa but I really allowed them to believe that Santa is real and he gave gifts to kids who behaved well for quite some time till the ever so intelligent friends of my kids, the smart generation, told them that I am fooling them and there is no Santa.

I clearly remember the day when my elder son came home  and announced laughing “I knew it, you were the one bought gifts, Santa is fictional”.

It was a different story with my younger one, He refused to believe his friends, he came home sad and told me that he does not want to believe his friends. He begged me to tell him that Santa was real.

I asked him “Do you believe in God?”. He answered ,”Yes”. I said, “Do you see him”? . He said ,” No”.

I told him that “God is there, He comes in the form of some one and helps us all the time. Santa, is also there, He too comes in different forms. For you, I am the Santa. For children who do not have mother’s, someone else will bring gifts. But, mind you, only if you be good”.

He was very happy. I think he is more like me. I am from a conservative, orthodox south Indian family, but I went to a convent so that’s where I first learnt about Santa.

I never got gifts when I small. But when I became a mother, I bought gifts for my kids.  I even drank the milk and ate the cookies which they kept for Santa.

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My children too buy gifts, they become secret Santa to their friends. Last year, my son brought a gift for our security. There is so much excitement all around.

But I never thought of or even imagined, while I was a child, and now as a mother that Santa is a woman.

I know, men are not organised, they can’t select gifts, they can’t get anywhere on time, they loose their way, they will never wear velvet, that too red.

But still, I would want to believe that Santa is a man. For me Santa Claus will always be a jolly, white bearded gentleman who wears red and has a huge appetite for milk and cookies.

Smash the patriarchy all you want, but leave poor Father Christmas out of it.

You better watch out

You better not cry

You better not pout

I’m telling you why

Santa Claus is coming to town

I mean the big fat man with the long white beard is coming to town.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone.

God bless you all.

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