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Finally, I Can End My Stories With “Our King Fought Back.”

Posted: March 3, 2019

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I, like most mothers, read and narrate stories every night to my kids.  I read all kinds of stories to them. Fairytales, mythological stories, superhero stuff, epics and so on. I also read to them about our Indian history and our struggle for Independence.

At the end every story, from the Indian history, my son would ask, “Why didn’t the King fight? Why is he always following the right path even with the wrong person?”  I never had an answer to his question because I also had the same doubt when I read those stories as a kid. I would always think, “Why did we allow someone to enter our port to trade or Why did we allow them to infiltrate into the interiors of our land? Why did it take so long for us to get independence?”

But, today my story ended with, “INDIA STRIKES BACK”.  This day will always be special.

It was so well planned and executed with precision. My heartfelt thanks to the honourable Prime minister and his Government for giving the military full powers.

What makes my heart swell with pride is the fact that they went into enemy territory and vanquished them. It’s like “Tere ghar me aake maarenge”.

I just loved the following tweet by the Indian Army about the surgical strike by the Indian Air Force.

आज सिन्धु ने विष उगला है,लहरों का यौवन मचला है।आज ह्रदय में और सिन्धु में, साथ उठा है ज्वार,तूफानों की ओर घुमा दो, नाविक निज पतवार।

I feel so proud that we are finally retaliating. All the family members of our brave soldiers who achieved martyrdom must be feeling avenged.

The Army during the Uri surgical strike and now the Airforce. My salutes and heartfelt gratitude to them.

I am sure every citizen of India must be really happy today.

Instead of saying goodnight today, my son said, “How’ s the josh?”. I kissed him and said, “Very very high.”

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