A Child’s Success Brings Pride…Even For The Most Successful Parents

Every parent no matter who they are, likes to celebrate their kids' success. They don't distribute sweets anymore, but share it on social media.

If you are a parent to a child who has appeared for a board exam and awaiting the results, you would know how difficult it is to stay calm.

Staying calm, whenever you step out of the house…in the lift, at the market, on the jogging track, and answering every question about how the exam was, when are the results expected, and what next.

It’s becomes everyone’s business. I know most of it is because they are concerned but it becomes a little difficult when you are already under pressure.

When I say pressure, I don’t mean the pressure of my expectations for my child. The pressure is to handle his mood swings, keep him motivated at all times and telling him to give his best and don’t worry about anything else.

The day the results are announced brings its own set of problems. The phone doesn’t stop ringing because my Mom has told everyone that he has done well.

My son was so embarrassed and asked us not to make a big issue of it. Kids, nowadays don’t find anything exciting, that is a different issue altogether.

I told him that, my Dad used to distribute sweets, whenever we got the results of our annual exam every year from Class 1 to Post Graduation.

He laughed and said,“Who does that, it must have been so embarrassing!”

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I said, “No, it was not.” I really enjoyed all the appreciation.

Today, when I saw the following posts on Twitter, I felt nice and I showed them to my son and said “See…every parent no matter who they are, likes to celebrate their kids’ success. They don’t distribute sweets anymore, but share it on social media.

One thing is sure, parenting is rewarding and fills your heart with love in a million ways and celebrities are not an exception to that rule

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