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Short Film DEVI Very Beautifully Shows The Reality Of Every Indian Woman

DEVI short film staring Kajol, Neha Dhupia and Shruti Hassan is a story of perseverance, pain and beutifully portrays the plight of all Indian women.

DEVI short film staring Kajol, Neha Dhupia and Shruti Hassan is a story of perseverance, pain and beutifully portrays the plight of all Indian women.

Life has become very peaceful after I discovered that I can stop automatic download of images and videos on WhatsApp. I don’t click and open any forwards.

But today, a very dear friend forwarded a youtube link and said it’s a must-watch.

Since I trust her judgement, I just opened the link.

I saw it was 13 minutes long so I thought I would just scroll through it.

As I began to watch, I got intrigued when I saw Kajol, Shruti Hassan and Neha Dhupia.

I started watching with complete attention.

They were few more ladies who I did not recognise but amongst them was Neena Kulkarni.

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I did not connect with the plot in the first few minutes. I saw that all the women are in a room as if waiting for something to happen.

I thought maybe they are hiding because of some riots.

But as each character opens up, I knew what was coming next. By the end of it, tears started rolling down my cheeks.

The reality of Indian women in DEVI!

This movie just reiterates how helpless we are irrespective of our gender. It throws light on the fact that rape can happen to anyone no matter what, the age, caste religion and class is.

God-fearing lady played by Kajol, the classy, educated lady played by Neha Dhupia, the fiery girl played by Shruti Haasan, the lady in the burkha, the dumb girl, the old ladies, a medical student, all of them have the same trauma.

Each story is different but the pain is the same. The end is what makes you tear up when they open the door to let in a small girl.

What made me cringe in pain is how the ladies try to hurt each other even when they know that they are all victims. I felt anguish when I saw how they come to terms with their fate.

We as a nation should feel ashamed as we fail them each time, every time. Yes, when it takes years to hang the culprits of the most heinous of crimes it is the very sorry state of affairs.

This movie shakes you up. Priyanka Banerjee, the writer and the director, really drives the point home. Though I would have loved it if she showed how Shruti Hassan can have shots when they were all fighting because they cannot accommodate another person because they can’t afford it.

DEVI is a story of perseverance. But, I wish our perseverance is not taken for granted and I wish it doesn’t take years to punish the culprits.

This is indeed a must-watch.


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