10 Types Of WhatsApp Users During Lockdown I’d Like To Avoid For My Own Sanity

These new COVID-19 conversations on WhatsApp are becoming as dangerous as the virus. Here's why I want to avoid Whatsapp users as much as possible.

These new COVID-19 conversations on WhatsApp are becoming as dangerous as the virus. Here’s why I want to avoid Whatsapp users as much as possible.

The other day there was a message on WhatsApp which said “if you have not learnt a new skill, or if you have not become more fit, then it’s because of lack of will not time.”

I got worried for a few minutes that I am wasting so much time, and I really felt that it was my fault that I am not able to find time to do something constructive.

Thanks to my son, I realized my folly. Lockdown is not giving me any free time. Yes I have my family with me all the time and with no maid, so in reality I hardly have any time. So, I can learn a new skill, and focus on my fitness later.

Early days of WhatsApp

When I first heard about WhatsApp (I don’t even remember how long ago) I was very reluctant to download the app. But due to the insistence of friends, who kept telling me how useful it was, I gave in.

In the beginning I used to religiously read all the messages, solve all puzzles, forward everything which was sent to me and most importantly believe everything I read. Never bothered about the authenticity.

The good morning messages and the inspirational quotes would make me think and wonder, but as time passed and when the same messages kept coming back, I became wise. Now I know, what to believe and what not to believe.

And we also know of all the of people who are always active on WhatsApp.

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The ‘lockdown version’ of WhatsApp users

But the present lockdown days have made inactive members too very active. These are the new, different kind of WhatsApp users.

The COVID-19 tracker

He is the one who keeps sending messages of every new case, and every new area where there are positive cases. The official website is not needed.

The volunteer

He is the one who keeps sending messages that he is ready to volunteer for everything, and by doing that he feels he will stop the spread of the Corona virus. The service he offers keeps changing every day, as volatile as the COVID-19 positive cases.

The preacher

He keeps preaching about how the current situation should be handled. How we should be calm and positive.

The disciplinarian

This person keeps posting the same message of the rules which have to be followed, three to four times a day. He/she never forgets to remind everyone how disciplined he/she is, and also never leaves a chance to tell everyone about the consequences of not following the rules.

The forwarder

Every message about COVID-19 he gets will be forwarded, and he feels he is doing a great help to human kind by forwarding these messages (and urging all of us to forward them too).

The philanthropist

He is always posting messages about how much he donated, and urges people to donate. Every day a new beneficiary will be added to the list.

The supplier

He is the person who goes out of his way to get the essentials for everyone in the society, by forwarding messages from people who want to sell their goods. He really feels so important because if not for him everyone would really be out of necessities.

The opposition

These are the people who are always opposing everything the management of the society does with respect to COVID-19

The questioner

The only thing he does is, question everything in every discussion.

The zen participant

This is the person who is not bothered about anything, even COVID-19, as long as he gets his eggs and vegetables. When everyone is discussing the do’s and don’ts, he will post a message asking about the time of arrival of the vegetables.

These are indeed testing times for all of us, and I pray that we get rid of this virus as soon as possible. So that we can go back to the normal good morning, motivational messages, jokes and puzzles on WhatsApp.

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